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DB-Engines Ranking

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

339 systems in ranking, December 2017
RankDBMSDatabase ModelScore
1.1.1.Oracle detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1341.54-18.51-62.86
2.2.2.MySQL detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1318.07-3.96-56.34
3.3.3.Microsoft SQL Server detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1172.48-42.59-54.17
4.4.4.PostgreSQL detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS385.43+5.51+55.41
5.5.5.MongoDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableDocument store330.77+0.29+2.09
6.6.6.DB2 detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS189.58-4.48+5.24
7.7.up arrow 8.Microsoft AccessRelational DBMS125.88-7.43+1.18
8.up arrow 9.up arrow 9.Redis detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store123.24+2.05+3.34
9.down arrow 8.down arrow 7.Cassandra detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableWide column store123.21-1.00-11.07
10.10.up arrow 11.Elasticsearch detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableSearch engine119.78+0.37+16.51
11.11.down arrow 10.SQLite detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS115.19+2.44+4.36
12.12.12.TeradataRelational DBMS74.74-3.49+1.37
13.13.up arrow 14.SolrSearch engine66.30-2.86-2.70
14.14.down arrow 13.SAP Adaptive ServerRelational DBMS65.68-1.35-4.74
15.15.up arrow 16.SplunkSearch engine63.79-1.08+8.87
16.16.down arrow 15.HBaseWide column store63.41-0.15+4.79
17.up arrow 18.up arrow 20.MariaDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS56.73+1.44+12.64
18.down arrow 17.down arrow 17.FileMakerRelational DBMS55.20-3.64+1.08
19.19.19.Hive detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS54.67+1.42+5.27
20.20.down arrow 18.SAP HANA detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS46.49-2.69-5.28
21.21.21.Neo4j detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableGraph DBMS38.73+0.28+1.90
22.22.22.Amazon DynamoDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableDocument store36.71-0.41+6.70
23.23.23.Couchbase detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableDocument store31.31-1.01+1.58
24.24.24.MemcachedKey-value store28.43+0.45-0.34
25.25.25.InformixRelational DBMS27.45-0.26+0.38
26.26.up arrow 28.Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseRelational DBMS21.85-0.26+1.02
27.27.27.Vertica detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS20.81-0.84-0.28
28.28.down arrow 26.CouchDBDocument store20.66+0.16-1.69
29.up arrow 30.up arrow 30.FirebirdRelational DBMS17.25-0.02+1.57
30.down arrow 29.down arrow 29.NetezzaRelational DBMS17.24-1.29-2.19
31.31.up arrow 34.ImpalaRelational DBMS14.46+0.61+4.77
32.32.up arrow 59.Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
33.33.down arrow 31.Amazon Redshift detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS12.58+0.02+0.12
34.34.up arrow 38.Google BigQuery detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS11.97+0.18+4.48
35.up arrow 37.up arrow 41.Spark SQLRelational DBMS11.19+0.07+4.82
36.down arrow 35.down arrow 33.MarkLogicMulti-model Document store,
Native XML DBMS,
RDF store,
Search engine
37.down arrow 36.Oracle EssbaseRelational DBMS10.92-0.34
38.38.down arrow 36.dBASERelational DBMS10.19-0.54+1.10
39.39.down arrow 35.GreenplumRelational DBMS10.11-0.56+0.83
40.40.up arrow 46.InfluxDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableTime Series DBMS9.87+0.53+4.00
41.41.down arrow 39.HazelcastKey-value store8.96+0.17+1.87
42.up arrow 43.42.EhcacheKey-value store7.26+0.27+0.92
43.down arrow 42.down arrow 32.Riak KVKey-value store7.08-0.03-3.89
44.up arrow 45.up arrow 45.OrientDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
45.down arrow 44.down arrow 43.InterbaseRelational DBMS6.56-0.15+0.51
46.46.down arrow 40.SphinxSearch engine6.03+0.15-1.00
47.47.47.TitanGraph DBMS5.81+0.13+0.35
48.up arrow 52.up arrow 80.Firebase Realtime DatabaseDocument store5.35+0.48+3.20
49.up arrow 51.down arrow 37.IngresRelational DBMS5.15+0.21-3.11
50.down arrow 48.down arrow 49.HyperSQLRelational DBMS5.13-0.15+0.47
51.down arrow 50.up arrow 53.H2Relational DBMS5.10+0.01+0.94
52.up arrow 53.Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information available sponsorSponsored postRelational DBMS5.09+0.25
53.up arrow 56.up arrow 60.RealmRelational DBMS4.92+0.39+1.51
54.up arrow 58.down arrow 52.AerospikeKey-value store4.85+0.54+0.64
55.down arrow 54.down arrow 44.RethinkDBDocument store4.81+0.18-1.15
56.down arrow 49.down arrow 51.SAP IQRelational DBMS4.74-0.47+0.46
57.down arrow 55.down arrow 54.DerbyRelational DBMS4.73+0.11+0.86
58.down arrow 57.down arrow 50.SAP SQL AnywhereRelational DBMS4.43+0.01-0.04
59.up arrow 61.down arrow 48.CloudantDocument store4.14+0.21-0.64
60.up arrow 62.up arrow 83.Microsoft Azure SearchSearch engine4.11+0.24+2.08
61.down arrow 60.down arrow 55.JackrabbitContent store4.03+0.01+0.27
62.down arrow 59.down arrow 58.AccumuloWide column store3.95-0.17+0.46
63.63.down arrow 56.AdabasMultivalue DBMS3.90+0.20+0.16
64.up arrow 65.64.MemSQLRelational DBMS3.82+0.45+0.96
65.up arrow 98.up arrow 106.Kdb+Multi-model Relational DBMS,
Time Series DBMS
66.up arrow 67.down arrow 57.RavenDBDocument store3.71+0.44-0.00
67.down arrow 64.up arrow 72.Amazon AuroraRelational DBMS3.63+0.12+1.07
68.up arrow 71.up arrow 76.ArangoDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
69.down arrow 66.Microsoft Azure Table StorageWide column store3.52+0.17
70.70.up arrow 97.Google Cloud DatastoreDocument store3.47+0.31+2.01
71.down arrow 68.up arrow 77.OpenEdgeRelational DBMS3.21-0.06+0.94
72.down arrow 69.up arrow 74.RRDtoolTime Series DBMS3.17-0.03+0.73
73.up arrow 77.down arrow 68.Oracle NoSQLKey-value store3.09+0.31+0.42
74.up arrow 78.up arrow 94.AlgoliaSearch engine3.06+0.28+1.44
75.down arrow 72.up arrow 82.CachéMulti-model Key-value store,
Object oriented DBMS,
Relational DBMS
76.down arrow 73.down arrow 69.Apache DrillMulti-model Document store,
Relational DBMS
77.up arrow 83.down arrow 63.UniData,UniVerseMultivalue DBMS2.94+0.30+0.07
78.up arrow 85.down arrow 66.MaxDBRelational DBMS2.91+0.36+0.12
79.down arrow 74.down arrow 75.PouchDBDocument store2.90-0.00+0.47
80.up arrow 82.down arrow 71.Oracle Berkeley DBMulti-model Key-value store,
81.down arrow 76.up arrow 104.IgniteMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
82.up arrow 84.up arrow 87.TimesTenRelational DBMS2.77+0.20+0.90
83.down arrow 80.down arrow 67.Oracle CoherenceKey-value store2.75+0.06+0.05
84.up arrow 86.down arrow 79.Amazon CloudSearchSearch engine2.73+0.37+0.58
85.down arrow 79.down arrow 70.Google Search ApplianceSearch engine2.73-0.03+0.16
86.down arrow 75.86.GraphiteTime Series DBMS2.65-0.21+0.75
87.down arrow 81.down arrow 62.SAP Advantage Database ServerRelational DBMS2.64-0.03-0.30
88.up arrow 91.down arrow 65.Amazon SimpleDBKey-value store2.51+0.29-0.31
89.89.down arrow 78.Teradata AsterRelational DBMS2.47+0.19+0.24
90.down arrow 87.down arrow 85.InfinispanKey-value store2.40+0.08+0.46
91.down arrow 90.MapD detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS2.37+0.15
92.92.up arrow 93.Percona ServerRelational DBMS2.36+0.25+0.73
93.up arrow 95.down arrow 89.LevelDBKey-value store2.31+0.29+0.43
94.down arrow 88.down arrow 91.JenaRDF store2.29-0.01+0.47
95.down arrow 94.down arrow 90.CloudKitDocument store2.22+0.17+0.39
96.down arrow 93.down arrow 81.IBM dashDBRelational DBMS2.17+0.08+0.10
97.up arrow 99.Google Cloud FirestoreDocument store2.05+0.21
98.down arrow 96.down arrow 88.4DRelational DBMS2.01-0.01+0.14
99.up arrow 101.down arrow 98.OpenTSDBTime Series DBMS1.99+0.28+0.55
100.100.100.DatameerDocument store1.91+0.08+0.49
101.up arrow 103.up arrow 103.VoltDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1.86+0.24+0.57
102.up arrow 106.down arrow 92.DatomicRelational DBMS1.86+0.32+0.16
103.down arrow 102.up arrow 110.jBASEMultivalue DBMS1.83+0.19+0.75
104.down arrow 97.down arrow 73.VirtuosoMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Native XML DBMS,
Relational DBMS,
RDF store
105.down arrow 104.down arrow 99.MonetDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1.71+0.14+0.28
106.down arrow 105.down arrow 95.IMSNavigational DBMS1.68+0.13+0.10
107.up arrow 109.up arrow 127.RocksDBKey-value store1.63+0.22+0.89
108.up arrow 111.down arrow 105.EnterpriseDBRelational DBMS1.61+0.27+0.39
109.down arrow 108.up arrow 121.GridGainKey-value store1.55+0.13+0.73
110.110.down arrow 96.Db4oObject oriented DBMS1.43+0.06-0.07
111.down arrow 107.down arrow 84.mSQLRelational DBMS1.40-0.10-0.55
112.up arrow 114.up arrow 126.TiberoRelational DBMS1.37+0.15+0.60
113.113.up arrow 114.BaseXNative XML DBMS1.33+0.09+0.37
114.up arrow 118.up arrow 115.MnesiaDocument store1.30+0.23+0.34
115.up arrow 117.down arrow 113.ObjectStoreObject oriented DBMS1.29+0.20+0.29
116.down arrow 112.down arrow 111.Red BrickRelational DBMS1.27+0.03+0.22
117.up arrow 119.down arrow 107.Oracle RdbRelational DBMS1.20+0.17+0.01
118.up arrow 128.up arrow 140.1010dataRelational DBMS1.18+0.26+0.62
119.up arrow 121.down arrow 116.SQLBaseRelational DBMS1.17+0.16+0.23
120.down arrow 115.down arrow 102.Versant Object DatabaseObject oriented DBMS1.15-0.03-0.14
121.down arrow 116.down arrow 118.CubridRelational DBMS1.14+0.03+0.22
122.up arrow 133.up arrow 158.PrestoDBRelational DBMS1.10+0.23+0.63
123.up arrow 131.GeodeKey-value store1.09+0.22
124.down arrow 120.down arrow 112.GiraphGraph DBMS1.09+0.07+0.06
125.down arrow 123.down arrow 109.InfobrightRelational DBMS1.07+0.08-0.03
126.up arrow 129.up arrow 128.AltibaseRelational DBMS1.07+0.18+0.34
127.up arrow 130.CockroachDBRelational DBMS1.06+0.18
128.down arrow 122.up arrow 133.NuoDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS1.06+0.05+0.36
129.down arrow 126.up arrow 180.EXASOLRelational DBMS1.06+0.11+0.76
130.up arrow 155.Google Cloud SpannerRelational DBMS1.04+0.40
131.up arrow 138.up arrow 264.ClickHouseRelational DBMS1.02+0.21+0.99
132.down arrow 124.up arrow 134.DruidTime Series DBMS0.96-0.02+0.29
133.down arrow 125.down arrow 123.DataEaseRelational DBMS0.95-0.02+0.14
134.down arrow 127.down arrow 124.R:BASERelational DBMS0.90-0.02+0.09
135.down arrow 132.up arrow 165.ScaleArcRelational DBMS0.86-0.01+0.49
136.up arrow 159.up arrow 176.Google Cloud BigtableWide column store0.86+0.23+0.53
137.up arrow 149.up arrow 148.NCacheKey-value store0.83+0.15+0.33
138.up arrow 139.up arrow 171.PrometheusTime Series DBMS0.83+0.02+0.48
139.down arrow 135.down arrow 131.Model 204Multivalue DBMS0.82-0.01+0.10
140.down arrow 134.down arrow 119.EmpressRelational DBMS0.81-0.05-0.07
141.up arrow 162.up arrow 142.WiredTigerKey-value store0.81+0.20+0.26
142.down arrow 137.down arrow 136.NonStop SQLRelational DBMS0.80-0.02+0.17
143.down arrow 141.down arrow 117.MatisseObject oriented DBMS0.79+0.05-0.15
144.down arrow 136.up arrow 173.MapR-DBMulti-model Document store,
Wide column store
145.up arrow 154.down arrow 138.DBISAMRelational DBMS0.76+0.11+0.18
146.down arrow 140.down arrow 108.webMethods TaminoNative XML DBMS0.75-0.02-0.35
147.up arrow 158.up arrow 179.Splice MachineRelational DBMS0.73+0.10+0.42
148.down arrow 142.down arrow 145.GT.MKey-value store0.72-0.02+0.19
149.down arrow 145.up arrow 151.KognitioRelational DBMS0.71-0.02+0.22
150.down arrow 146.up arrow 202.eXist-dbNative XML DBMS0.70-0.01+0.53
151.down arrow 144.down arrow 122.HAWQRelational DBMS0.70-0.03-0.11
152.up arrow 167.up arrow 177.HFSQLRelational DBMS0.68+0.08+0.37
153.down arrow 148.down arrow 101.SednaNative XML DBMS0.67-0.02-0.66
154.down arrow 147.up arrow 163.XAPKey-value store0.66-0.03+0.26
155.down arrow 151.down arrow 120.D3Multivalue DBMS0.66-0.02-0.20
156.up arrow 185.up arrow 181.TarantoolKey-value store0.65+0.20+0.38
157.down arrow 150.down arrow 141.ZODBKey-value store0.64-0.03+0.09
158.down arrow 153.down arrow 143.solidDBRelational DBMS0.63-0.02+0.08
159.down arrow 157.down arrow 132.IDMSNavigational DBMS0.62-0.01-0.08
160.down arrow 156.down arrow 144.Actian VectorRelational DBMS0.62-0.02+0.08
161.up arrow 169.down arrow 147.XapianSearch engine0.61+0.04+0.11
162.up arrow 163.up arrow 167.SnowflakeRelational DBMS0.60-0.01+0.23
163.up arrow 164.down arrow 150.Datacom/DBRelational DBMS0.59-0.02+0.10
164.up arrow 166.down arrow 155.AllegroGraph detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Graph DBMS,
RDF store
165.down arrow 160.down arrow 154.OpenBaseRelational DBMS0.59-0.02+0.12
166.down arrow 152.up arrow 195.CrateDBMulti-model Relational DBMS,
Search engine
167.up arrow 193.up arrow 183.ScyllaDBWide column store0.58+0.22+0.31
168.down arrow 165.down arrow 152.InfiniDBRelational DBMS0.58-0.02+0.10
169.down arrow 161.up arrow 187.Event StoreEvent Store0.58-0.03+0.34
170.down arrow 143.up arrow 192.GraphDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Graph DBMS,
RDF store
171.up arrow 174.up arrow 175.ObjectDBObject oriented DBMS0.57+0.05+0.24
172.down arrow 168.down arrow 125.ClustrixRelational DBMS0.56-0.02-0.21
173.down arrow 171.down arrow 156.OpenInsightMultivalue DBMS0.55-0.01+0.08
174.down arrow 172.down arrow 169.WebSphere eXtreme ScaleKey-value store0.54-0.02+0.18
175.down arrow 170.down arrow 159.Objectivity/DBObject oriented DBMS0.54-0.03+0.10
176.up arrow 177.TiDBRelational DBMS0.52+0.02
177.down arrow 173.down arrow 146.StardogMulti-model Graph DBMS,
RDF store
178.up arrow 189.down arrow 172.MapDBKey-value store0.50+0.07+0.16
179.down arrow 175.down arrow 164.RainstorRelational DBMS0.49-0.02+0.09
180.down arrow 176.down arrow 161.SciDBMultivalue DBMS0.48-0.03+0.06
181.down arrow 178.down arrow 160.FrontBaseRelational DBMS0.47-0.03+0.05
182.down arrow 179.down arrow 170.Tokyo CabinetKey-value store0.47-0.03+0.12
183.up arrow 186.down arrow 178.GemStone/SObject oriented DBMS0.47+0.02+0.15
184.down arrow 180.down arrow 157.VistaDBRelational DBMS0.46-0.03-0.01
185.up arrow 200.up arrow 235.LiteDBDocument store0.45+0.14+0.36
186.down arrow 182.down arrow 182.SqrrlMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
187.down arrow 183.down arrow 184.KairosDBTime Series DBMS0.44-0.02+0.18
188.up arrow 203.up arrow 201.AlaSQLMulti-model Document store,
Relational DBMS
189.down arrow 184.down arrow 162.PerstObject oriented DBMS0.44-0.02+0.03
190.down arrow 188.down arrow 129.Northgate RealityMultivalue DBMS0.42-0.01-0.30
191.down arrow 181.up arrow 196.Percona Server for MongoDBDocument store0.41-0.07+0.21
192.down arrow 187.down arrow 135.Raima Database ManagerRelational DBMS0.41-0.03-0.23
193.down arrow 190.down arrow 137.NexusDBRelational DBMS0.39-0.03-0.20
194.up arrow 198.Graph EngineMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
195.down arrow 191.up arrow 242.JadeObject oriented DBMS0.37-0.02+0.30
196.up arrow 197.up arrow 208.Postgres-XLRelational DBMS0.37+0.03+0.22
197.down arrow 192.down arrow 186.SQL.JSRelational DBMS0.36-0.02+0.12
198.down arrow 194.down arrow 189.Tokyo TyrantKey-value store0.35-0.01+0.12
199.up arrow 206.down arrow 130.AlgebraixRDF store0.33+0.06-0.39
200.down arrow 199.down arrow 190.Project VoldemortKey-value store0.31-0.01+0.09
201.up arrow 207.JanusGraphGraph DBMS0.31+0.05
202.down arrow 195.up arrow 206.ModeShapeContent store0.31-0.04+0.14
203.down arrow 196.up arrow 224.ScalarisKey-value store0.31-0.04+0.18
204.down arrow 202.down arrow 197.eXtremeDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Relational DBMS,
Time Series DBMS
205.down arrow 201.up arrow 209.SequoiadbDocument store0.29-0.02+0.13
206.up arrow 223.up arrow 241.KineticaRelational DBMS0.28+0.07+0.20
207.down arrow 204.up arrow 212.ElevateDBRelational DBMS0.28-0.01+0.14
208.up arrow 232.BoltDBKey-value store0.27+0.07
209.209.up arrow 216.Kyoto CabinetKey-value store0.24-0.01+0.11
210.up arrow 213.down arrow 194.Mimer SQLRelational DBMS0.24-0.01+0.03
211.up arrow 212.LovefieldRelational DBMS0.24-0.01
212.up arrow 215.SQream DBRelational DBMS0.23-0.02
213.up arrow 231.up arrow 245.LokiJSDocument store0.23+0.03+0.16
214.214.down arrow 198.ClusterpointDocument store0.23-0.02+0.04
215.down arrow 210.215.TrafodionRelational DBMS0.23-0.03+0.09
216.up arrow 220.down arrow 188.HibariKey-value store0.23-0.00-0.01
217.Comdb2Relational DBMS0.23
218.218.up arrow 230.SearchBloxSearch engine0.23-0.01+0.13
219.down arrow 205.down arrow 205.RasdamanMultivalue DBMS0.23-0.05+0.06
220.up arrow 230.up arrow 226.Riak TSTime Series DBMS0.22+0.01+0.10
221.down arrow 219.down arrow 174.LucidDBRelational DBMS0.22-0.02-0.11
222.down arrow 211.down arrow 191.StarcounterObject oriented DBMS0.22-0.04-0.00
223.down arrow 222.down arrow 207.STSdbKey-value store0.22-0.01+0.06
224.up arrow 225.up arrow 240.BlazegraphMulti-model Graph DBMS,
RDF store
225.down arrow 224.up arrow 253.SparkseeGraph DBMS0.21-0.01+0.16
226.up arrow 227.down arrow 217.NEventStoreEvent Store0.20-0.01+0.06
227.down arrow 226.down arrow 166.Actian PSQLRelational DBMS0.20-0.01-0.17
228.up arrow 229.down arrow 203.TransbaseRelational DBMS0.20-0.01+0.02
229.up arrow 234.down arrow 200.RedlandRDF store0.19-0.01+0.01
230.down arrow 216.down arrow 211.XtremeDataRelational DBMS0.19-0.06+0.04
231.up arrow 233.up arrow 243.OpenQMMultivalue DBMS0.18-0.01+0.11
232.down arrow 221.down arrow 221.DataupiaRelational DBMS0.18-0.05+0.06
233.up arrow 240.down arrow 220.DgraphGraph DBMS0.17+0.00+0.05
234.up arrow 237.down arrow 218.WebScaleSQLRelational DBMS0.17-0.01+0.04
235.down arrow 217.down arrow 199.InfiniteGraphGraph DBMS0.17-0.07-0.01
236.up arrow 239.down arrow 228.FlockDBGraph DBMS0.16-0.01+0.05
237.up arrow 244.up arrow 270.BluefloodTime Series DBMS0.16-0.01+0.13
238.up arrow 241.up arrow 287.FaunaDBDocument store0.16-0.01+0.16
239.down arrow 236.down arrow 233.RedStoreRDF store0.15-0.03+0.06
240.up arrow 242.up arrow 287.Hawkular MetricsTime Series DBMS0.15-0.01+0.15
241.up arrow 243.EsgynDBRelational DBMS0.15-0.01
242.up arrow 245.down arrow 229.ActorDBRelational DBMS0.14-0.01+0.04
243.up arrow 250.down arrow 232.c-treeACEMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
244.up arrow 248.down arrow 239.BrightstarDBRDF store0.13-0.01+0.04
245.up arrow 246.up arrow 246.HyperGraphDBGraph DBMS0.13-0.02+0.06
246.up arrow 254.down arrow 149.RDF4JRDF store0.13+0.00-0.36
247.247.up arrow 271.MulgaraRDF store0.13-0.02+0.11
248.up arrow 249.down arrow 234.TransLatticeRelational DBMS0.13-0.01+0.03
249.down arrow 228.down arrow 185.ITTIARelational DBMS0.12-0.09-0.14
250.up arrow 251.down arrow 236.RaptorDBDocument store0.12-0.01+0.02
251.up arrow 255.down arrow 250.CitusRelational DBMS0.11-0.01+0.05
252.down arrow 235.down arrow 231.TajoRelational DBMS0.11-0.08+0.01
253.down arrow 252.SnappyDataRelational DBMS0.10-0.03
254.up arrow 256.down arrow 237.SiaqodbObject oriented DBMS0.10-0.02+0.00
255.up arrow 257.down arrow 213.InfoGridGraph DBMS0.10-0.02-0.04
256.up arrow 263.down arrow 225.EJDBDocument store0.09+0.00-0.03
257.down arrow 238.down arrow 193.4storeRDF store0.09-0.09-0.13
258.258.down arrow 223.VelocityDBMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Object oriented DBMS
259.down arrow 253.up arrow 287.SenseiDBDocument store0.08-0.04+0.08
260.260.down arrow 219.StrabonRDF store0.08-0.02-0.05
261.up arrow 264.up arrow 285.GridDBKey-value store0.07-0.01+0.07
262.down arrow 259.up arrow 277.PipelineDBRelational DBMS0.07-0.03+0.06
263.down arrow 262.down arrow 258.ScaleOut StateServerKey-value store0.07-0.02+0.02
264.up arrow 265.up arrow 275.DensoDBDocument store0.05-0.03+0.04
265.up arrow 270.up arrow 282.CubicWebRDF store0.05-0.02+0.05
266.TimescaleDBTime Series DBMS0.05
267.267.up arrow 273.BangdbKey-value store0.05-0.03+0.03
268.up arrow 287.268.DydraRDF store0.05+0.01+0.03
269.down arrow 261.up arrow 280.AxibaseTime Series DBMS0.04-0.05+0.04
270.down arrow 268.down arrow 255.EloqueraObject oriented DBMS0.04-0.03-0.01
271.down arrow 266.down arrow 248.Versant FastObjectsObject oriented DBMS0.04-0.04-0.02
272.down arrow 269.down arrow 244.GlobalsDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
273.up arrow 281.down arrow 256.Warp 10Time Series DBMS0.04-0.01-0.01
274.up arrow 291.down arrow 222.Valentina ServerRelational DBMS0.04+0.00-0.08
275.down arrow 271.up arrow 284.JethroDataRelational DBMS0.04-0.03+0.03
276.down arrow 272.down arrow 257.SisoDbDocument store0.04-0.03-0.01
277.up arrow 292.up arrow 287.Kyoto TycoonKey-value store0.03+0.00+0.03
278.down arrow 273.up arrow 281.NosDBDocument store0.03-0.03+0.03
279.up arrow 309.up arrow 287.QuasardbKey-value store0.03+0.03+0.03
280.down arrow 275.down arrow 274.MachbaseTime Series DBMS0.03-0.04+0.02
281.down arrow 276.down arrow 238.iBoxDBDocument store0.03-0.04-0.07
282.up arrow 288.TinkerGraphGraph DBMS0.03-0.01
283.up arrow 289.up arrow 287.AgensGraph detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Relational DBMS
283.down arrow 280.down arrow 262.WakandaDBObject oriented DBMS0.02-0.03-0.01
285.down arrow 277.up arrow 286.FleetDBDocument store0.02-0.04+0.02
286.down arrow 282.down arrow 254.LinterRelational DBMS0.02-0.03-0.03
287.down arrow 278.down arrow 267.TempoIQTime Series DBMS0.02-0.04-0.00
288.down arrow 285.down arrow 260.TayzGridKey-value store0.02-0.02-0.02
289.down arrow 279.down arrow 266.UpscaledbKey-value store0.02-0.04-0.01
290.up arrow 305.GRAKN.AI detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Relational DBMS
291.up arrow 297.down arrow 278.CodernityDBKey-value store0.01-0.01+0.00
292.down arrow 283.MammothDBRelational DBMS0.01-0.04
293.down arrow 286.down arrow 263.GraphBaseGraph DBMS0.01-0.03-0.03
294.294.down arrow 276.DBSightSearch engine0.00-0.02-0.01
295.up arrow 300.down arrow 287.WhiteDBDocument store0.00-0.01+0.00
296.up arrow 310.Alibaba Cloud HybridDBRelational DBMS0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.Alibaba Cloud MaxComputeRelational DBMS0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.Alibaba Cloud Table StoreWide column store0.00±0.00
296.down arrow 293.BadgerKey-value store0.00-0.03
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.BergDBKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 249.BigObjectRelational DBMS0.00±0.00-0.07
296.up arrow 299.BrytlytRelational DBMS0.00-0.02
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.Cachelot.ioKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 302.down arrow 287.CortexDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.DaggerDBRelational DBMS0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 306.down arrow 287.DeepSQLRelational DBMS0.00-0.01±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.DjondbDocument store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 304.down arrow 287.EllipticsKey-value store0.00-0.01±0.00
296.down arrow 274.down arrow 287.ExorbyteSearch engine0.00-0.06±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 259.HeliumKey-value store0.00±0.00-0.04
296.up arrow 298.down arrow 252.HeroicTime Series DBMS0.00-0.02-0.06
296.down arrow 295.HGraphDBGraph DBMS0.00-0.02
296.up arrow 301.down arrow 272.HyperLevelDBKey-value store0.00-0.01-0.02
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 168.IndicaSearch engine0.00±0.00-0.36
296.up arrow 310.InfinityDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.IRONdbTime Series DBMS0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 306.Jaguar detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS0.00-0.01
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.JasDBDocument store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.down arrow 284.down arrow 287.JustOneDBRelational DBMS0.00-0.05±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 265.K-DBRelational DBMS0.00±0.00-0.03
296.up arrow 310.LeanXcale detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
296.296.down arrow 287.LedisDBKey-value store0.00-0.02±0.00
296.Manticore SearchSearch engine0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.NanolatKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 261.NewtsTime Series DBMS0.00±0.00-0.03
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.OrigoDBMulti-model Document store,
Object oriented DBMS
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.Resin CacheKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.Sadas Engine detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableRelational DBMS0.00±0.00
296.down arrow 290.down arrow 287.searchxmlMulti-model Native XML DBMS,
Search engine
296.up arrow 310.Siemens Common RepositoryMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
296.up arrow 310.SiriDBTime Series DBMS0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.SiteWhereTime Series DBMS0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 303.down arrow 247.SmallSQLRelational DBMS0.00-0.01-0.07
296.up arrow 308.down arrow 279.SparkleDBRDF store0.00-0.00-0.01
296.up arrow 310.TerarkDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.TomP2PKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 283.ToroDBDocument store0.00±0.00-0.01
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 287.YaacomoRelational DBMS0.00±0.00±0.00
296.up arrow 310.down arrow 251.YanzaTime Series DBMS0.00±0.00-0.06

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