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DescriptionAn analytical database for business intelligence with large customers in China.
Primary database modelRelational DBMS
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Rank#168  Overall
#84  Relational DBMS
Current releaseGBase 8a
License infoCommercial or Open Sourcecommercial
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
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Specific characteristics

GBase 8a is a high performance database based on column storage, compression and intelligent index technology for massive data analysis applications.

GBase 8a MPP Cluster is a distributed massively parallel database based on GBase 8a ,which has a shared nothing architecture suitable for bigdata analytic workloads, by transparently distributing data across multiple hosts to provide high performance, high availability and high scalability. It provides a general computing platform with high cost performance for VLSM data management.

Key features:

(1) Architecture, storage and deployment. GBase 8a and GBase 8a MPP Cluster support distributed large-scale deployment, virtual cluster, mass data storage and efficient compression, flexible data distribution strategy, and column storage.

(2) Performance. GBase 8a and GBase 8a MPP Cluster support high performance data processing and more than 300 concurrency users.

(3) High availability. GBase 8a and GBase 8a MPP Cluster support K-safety High Availability, Master and Standby Clusters High Availability, activity-activity Dual activities Clusters

(4) Scale Out. GBase 8a MPP Cluster supports Online add/remove cluster nodes.GBase 8a MPP uses a shared nothing architecture, adding more nodes enables more throughput, larger capacity and high performance.

(5)Others. GBase 8a and GBase 8a MPP Cluster support resource management, full-text retrieval, Hadoop access, ODBC/JDBC API, security management, provide easy-to-use GUI development/management tools. 

Competitive advantages

Firstly, GBase 8a has high product maturity. The first version was released in 2010 and there are hundreds of installations in operation.

Secondly, GBase 8a MPP Cluster adopts federated architecture, the deployment mode is flexible. It has high availability and expansibility.

Thirdly,GBase company provide professional technical support, more than 200 technical support engineers providing 7*24 service.

Typical application scenarios

GBase 8a的目标是大数据分析。典型的应用场景包括业务,管理和专业类别。




Key customers

China Mobile Communications Group

China United Network Communications Group

China Telecom Corp

People's Bank of China

Agricultural Bank of China

Bank of China

China Merchants Bank

The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China

Sunshine Insurance Group

State Grid corporation of China

China Petroleum and Natural Gas Group

China Sinopec Group

China Tobacco

SAIC MOTOR  GM Wuling Automotive Limited Co.,Ltd.

China Securities Regulatory Commission

China Banking Regulatory Commission

General Administration of customs,P.R.China

State Administration of Taxation

China Securities Regulatory Commission

Academy of Railway Sciences

Market metrics

Customers spread over Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. More than 80% customers are in Asia. In China,customers are spread over 32 provinces, which means every province has our customers, except Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Industries including Banking, Carrier, Electric, Government, Education, Gas Utilities, Insurance,Transportation etc.

Until 12/2018, there are more than 6000 active nodes running on all customers with GBase 8a. One node required a license and configured with 2~8 ways CPUs.

Licensing and pricing models

GBase 8a has two license mode,by data capacity or by CPUs.

GBase company also provide free license edition within a certain capacity, downloading the latest free edition from www.gbase8a.com.

Related products and services

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