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Editorial information provided by DB-Engines
DescriptionDistributed, high-performance timeseries database
Primary database modelTime Series DBMS
DB-Engines Ranking infomeasures the popularity of database management systemsranking trend
Trend Chart
Rank#284  Overall
#18  Time Series DBMS
Technical documentationdoc.quasardb.net
Initial release2009
Current release2.6.0, May 2018
License infoCommercial or Open Sourcecommercial infoFree community edition, Non-profit organizations and non-commercial usage are eligible for free licenses
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
Implementation languageC++
Server operating systemsBSD
Data schemeschema-free
Typing infopredefined data types such as float or dateyes infointeger and binary
XML support infoSome form of processing data in XML format, e.g. support for XML data structures, and/or support for XPath, XQuery or XSLT.no
Secondary indexesyes infowith tags
SQL infoSupport of SQLSQL-like query language
APIs and other access methodsHTTP API
Supported programming languages.Net
JavaScript (Node.js)
Server-side scripts infoStored proceduresno
Partitioning methods infoMethods for storing different data on different nodesSharding infoconsistent hashing
Replication methods infoMethods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesMaster-slave replication
MapReduce infoOffers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodswith Hadoop integration
Consistency concepts infoMethods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemImmediate Consistency
Foreign keys infoReferential integrityno
Transaction concepts infoSupport to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of dataACID
Concurrency infoSupport for concurrent manipulation of datayes
Durability infoSupport for making data persistentyes infoby using LevelDB
In-memory capabilities infoIs there an option to define some or all structures to be held in-memory only.yes infoTransient mode
User concepts infoAccess controlCryptographically strong user authentication and audit trail
More information provided by the system vendor
Specific characteristics
  • High-performance, high-speed, fully integrated timeseries database
  • Seamlessly combines in-memory capabilities with reliable storage
  • Very high ingress capabilities
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling for virtually limitless storage without performance loss 
  • Adaptive compression for efficient storage usage
  • Easy data access through APIs or SQL-like query language
  • Direct to data approach for easy outbound integration
  • Runs on premises and in the cloud
Competitive advantages
  • High performance in a cost-effective small package
  • Real-time results for even large requests or computations
  • Very low operational complexity
  • Efficient and scalable disk storage
  • Offered at varying price points
Typical application scenarios
  • Tick database
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Pre-deal checks
  • Large scale monitoring
Key customers
  • Large EU investment banks
  • US based hedge funds
  • Orolia
  • Tellmeplus
Market metrics
  • Has been running in very demanding production environments since 2013
  • Rapid adoption in the US market
Licensing and pricing models
  • Community edition limited to 2 nodes and 16 GiB of storage per node available for free
  • Licensing based on RAM usage - nodes, cores, and disk storage are unlimited

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