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Cloud-Based Analytics With SingleStoreDB
9 June 2022,  Akmal Chaudhri, SingleStore (sponsor) 

What is and what isn’t a hard real-time database system?
29 May 2022, Steve Graves, McObject (guest author)

The evolution of DBMS popularity in the DB-Engines Ranking, 2013-2022
17 March 2022, Matthias Gelbmann

The most popular database management systems

August 2022Score
3.Microsoft SQL Server945

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DB-Engines is an initiative to collect and present information on database management systems (DBMS). In addition to established relational DBMS, systems and concepts of the growing NoSQL area are emphasized.

The DB-Engines Ranking is a list of DBMS ranked by their current popularity. The list is updated monthly.

The most important properties of numerous systems are shown in the overview of database management systems. You can examine the properties for each system, and you can compare them side by side.

In the database encyclopedia terms and concepts on this topic are explained.

DB-Engines has been created and is maintained by solid IT.

If you have suggestions, questions or general feedback, we would appreciate to get a message from you.


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