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DescriptionA DBMS built for use on mobile devices that’s a fast, easy to use alternative to SQLite and Core Data
Primary database modelDocument store
DB-Engines Ranking infomeasures the popularity of database management systemsranking trend
Trend Chart
Rank#49  Overall
#8  Document stores
Technical documentationrealm.io/­docs
DeveloperRealm, acquired by MongoDB in May 2019
Initial release2014
License infoCommercial or Open SourceOpen Source
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
DBaaS offerings (sponsored links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Server operating systemsAndroid
Backend: server-less
Data schemeyes
Typing infopredefined data types such as float or dateyes
XML support infoSome form of processing data in XML format, e.g. support for XML data structures, and/or support for XPath, XQuery or XSLT.no
Secondary indexesyes
SQL infoSupport of SQLno
Supported programming languages.Net
Java infowith Android only
React Native
Server-side scripts infoStored proceduresno inforuns within the applications so server-side scripts are unnecessary
Triggersyes infoChange Listeners
Partitioning methods infoMethods for storing different data on different nodesnone
Replication methods infoMethods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesnone
MapReduce infoOffers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodsno
Consistency concepts infoMethods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemImmediate Consistency
Foreign keys infoReferential integrityno
Transaction concepts infoSupport to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of dataACID
Durability infoSupport for making data persistentyes
In-memory capabilities infoIs there an option to define some or all structures to be held in-memory only.yes infoIn-Memory realm
User concepts infoAccess controlyes
More information provided by the system vendor
Specific characteristics

Now a part of MongoDB Data Platform, Realm Database is the fast, easy to use, and open source alternative to SQLite and Core Data. Used by over 100k+ developers and downloaded over 2 billion times, Realm powers the world’s most innovative products and services.

Built for use on mobile devices, Realm solves for the common challenges of mobile development that are caused by inconsistent network connectivity, device constraints, and the need to build apps that provide a consistent experience across multiple platforms.

By embedding a full-featured database directly on the users’ device, Realm makes data access fast and efficient, regardless of the amount of data or quality of connection. Apps built on Realm are ACID compliant, function even when offline, and enable a seamless cross-platform experience. With support for complex queries, safe threading, encryption, and a reactive architecture to create responsive and fluent UIs, Realm allows developers to simply their code and focus on building powerful and engaging cross-platform experiences.

Competitive advantages

Realm ensures offline-first functionality, meaning apps run smoothly and deliver a best-in-class experience even when users lack a strong connection. Even complex queries complete in nano-seconds, making Realm faster than alternative mobile databases. And Realm eliminates the need to maintain an ORM by using objects to store data, meaning it is fast for developers to learn, easy to use, and simplifies data persistence for mobile devices.

Typical application scenarios
  • Mobile Consumer Apps

  • First-Line Worker Apps

Key customers
  • Cathay Pacific

  • Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines

  • Open Source Database powers apps built by Google, Netflix, Amazon, Dropbox, Intuit, SAP, Hilton, McDonald’s and more.

Market metrics
  • Used by 100,000+ developers

  • 2 bn installs

  • Currently used in 40k+ applications in the App and Google Play stores

  • Acquired by MongoDB in May 2019

Licensing and pricing models

Realm database is licensed under the Apache License v2.0. 

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