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DescriptionEnterprise Knowledge Graph platform and graph DBMS with high availability, high performance reasoning, and virtualization
Primary database modelGraph DBMS
RDF store
DB-Engines Ranking infomeasures the popularity of database management systemsranking trend
Trend Chart
Rank#142  Overall
#11  Graph DBMS
#6  RDF stores
Technical documentationdocs.stardog.com
Initial release2010
Current release7.3.0, May 2020
License infoCommercial or Open Sourcecommercial info60-day fully-featured trial license; 1-year fully-featured non-commercial use license for academics/students
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
DBaaS offerings (sponsored links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Implementation languageJava
Server operating systemsLinux
Data schemeschema-free and OWL/RDFS-schema support
Typing infopredefined data types such as float or dateyes
XML support infoSome form of processing data in XML format, e.g. support for XML data structures, and/or support for XPath, XQuery or XSLT.no infoImport/export of XML data possible
Secondary indexesyes infosupports real-time indexing in full-text and geospatial
SQL infoSupport of SQLYes, compatible with all major SQL variants through dedicated BI/SQL Server
APIs and other access methodsGraphQL query language
Sesame REST HTTP Protocol
Spring Data
Stardog Studio
TinkerPop 3
Supported programming languages.Net
Server-side scripts infoStored proceduresuser defined functions and aggregates, HTTP Server extensions in Java
Triggersyes infovia event handlers
Partitioning methods infoMethods for storing different data on different nodesnone
Replication methods infoMethods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesMulti-source replication in HA-Cluster
MapReduce infoOffers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodsno
Consistency concepts infoMethods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemImmediate Consistency in HA-Cluster
Foreign keys infoReferential integrityyes inforelationships in graphs
Transaction concepts infoSupport to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of dataACID
Concurrency infoSupport for concurrent manipulation of datayes
Durability infoSupport for making data persistentyes
In-memory capabilities infoIs there an option to define some or all structures to be held in-memory only.yes
User concepts infoAccess controlAccess rights for users and roles
More information provided by the system vendor
Specific characteristics
Stardog is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, uniquely combining graph storage and virtualization capabilities for flexible, cost-effective data integration. Stardog is scalable, secure, and standards-based.

Customers enjoy Stardog because the platform:
  • Encodes the meaning of the data alongside the data itself (persisting metadata, real-world context)
  • Incorporates real-world rules and uses best-in-class inference to make implicit knowledge explicit
  • Provides a flexible view of data, serving multiple use cases with one model 
Competitive advantages
Stardog provides a full featureset to aid in data integration for your complex data. Benefits include:
  • Virtual data Connectors to all major SQL servers, Cassandra, MongoDB and more to easily access data silos 
  • NLP pipeline, BITES, lets you incorporate unstructured data in addition to SQL and NoSQL data into the knowledge graph
  • Data virtualization in addition to ETL to sustainably add data to the knowledge graph
  • BI/SQL Server which translates the knowledge graph back into SQL; supported platforms include Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos, and more
  • Just-in-time inference allows you to explore your data with different sets of rules applied
  • Built in machine learning including predictive analytics and similarity search
  • Path queries allow you to traverse the graph, unearthing connections in your data
Typical application scenarios
Stardog is frequently used for:
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Operational Risk
  • Digital Twin initiatives
  • Pharma R&D: target evaluation, drug repurposing, and clinical trial development
  • FAIR implementations
  • Anti-money laundering & fraud monitoring
  • Customer 360
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering modernization
Key customers

Bosch, NASA, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cisco, Schneider Electric, FINRA and more — https://www.stardog.com/customers/

Market metrics
Stardog's technology is based on ground-breaking research by our founders cited 10,000+ times.

Forrester determined an ROI of 320% and total benefits of over $9.86 million over three years for the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform.

There have been significant performance and scalability improvements over the last few years. We have shown that Stardog can provide sub-second query answering times over a hybrid multi-cloud Knowledge Graph with 1 trillion edges. We have improved data ingestion speeds by 500% and can bulk load data into Stardog at a speed of a million triples per second when using faster disks and CPUs. There have been improvements to query answering performance across various use cases, including but not limited to path queries, full text queries, and reasoning queries. 

Licensing and pricing models
You can start for free! It’s easy to get started using Stardog’s leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform. Create an instance in the cloud or download and run a self-managed version. https://www.stardog.com/get-started/

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