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Ranking > Key-value Stores

DB-Engines Ranking of Key-value Stores

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

This is a partial list of the complete ranking showing only key-value stores.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

65 systems in ranking, April 2018
RankDBMSDatabase ModelScore
1.1.1.Redis detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store130.11-1.12+15.75
2.2.2.Amazon DynamoDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
3.3.3.MemcachedKey-value store33.79+2.44+4.26
4.4.up arrow 9.Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
5.5.5.HazelcastKey-value store9.20+0.16+1.21
6.6.6.EhcacheKey-value store6.94-0.20+0.11
7.7.down arrow 4.Riak KVKey-value store6.21-0.90-2.62
8.8.down arrow 7.OrientDB detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
9.9.down arrow 8.AerospikeKey-value store4.18-0.60-0.23
10.10.up arrow 15.ArangoDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
11.11.up arrow 18.IgniteMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
12.12.12.Oracle NoSQL detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store2.49-0.57-0.36
13.13.down arrow 11.Oracle Berkeley DBMulti-model Key-value store,
14.up arrow 16.up arrow 17.LevelDBKey-value store2.36-0.27+0.39
15.down arrow 14.down arrow 10.CachéMulti-model Key-value store,
Object oriented DBMS,
Relational DBMS
16.down arrow 15.down arrow 13.Oracle CoherenceKey-value store2.29-0.37-0.55
17.17.down arrow 16.InfinispanKey-value store2.27-0.32-0.04
18.18.down arrow 14.Amazon SimpleDBKey-value store1.89-0.50-0.84
19.19.up arrow 20.RocksDBKey-value store1.57-0.15+0.56
20.20.down arrow 19.GridGainKey-value store1.21-0.24+0.06
21.21.up arrow 26.GeodeKey-value store0.88-0.10+0.36
22.22.up arrow 23.GT.MKey-value store0.72-0.02+0.13
23.23.up arrow 24.XAPKey-value store0.72+0.01+0.13
24.24.down arrow 22.NCache detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store0.62-0.05+0.01
25.25.down arrow 21.ZODBKey-value store0.59-0.02-0.07
26.26.up arrow 29.TarantoolKey-value store0.49-0.11+0.08
27.up arrow 28.27.WebSphere eXtreme ScaleKey-value store0.49-0.02+0.01
28.up arrow 30.28.Tokyo CabinetKey-value store0.43-0.00+0.01
29.up arrow 31.up arrow 30.MapDBKey-value store0.42-0.01+0.02
30.up arrow 32.up arrow 39.Graph EngineMulti-model Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
31.down arrow 29.31.SqrrlMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
32.down arrow 27.down arrow 25.WiredTigerKey-value store0.37-0.22-0.18
33.up arrow 35.down arrow 32.Tokyo TyrantKey-value store0.33+0.01+0.00
34.34.34.Project VoldemortKey-value store0.33-0.01+0.06
35.down arrow 33.down arrow 33.ScalarisKey-value store0.26-0.07-0.01
36.36.BoltDBKey-value store0.23+0.00
37.37.down arrow 36.Kyoto CabinetKey-value store0.21-0.00+0.00
38.38.down arrow 37.HibariKey-value store0.18-0.02+0.00
39.39.up arrow 41.c-treeACEMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
40.40.down arrow 38.STSdbKey-value store0.15-0.01-0.00
41.41.down arrow 40.GridDBKey-value store0.10-0.00+0.02
42.42.up arrow 49.ScaleOut StateServerKey-value store0.05-0.03+0.05
43.43.up arrow 50.BangdbKey-value store0.04+0.00+0.04
44.44.down arrow 43.Kyoto TycoonKey-value store0.04+0.00-0.02
45.up arrow 47.up arrow 50.QuasardbKey-value store0.04+0.01+0.04
46.up arrow 48.up arrow 47.UpscaledbKey-value store0.03-0.00+0.01
47.up arrow 49.up arrow 50.LedisDBKey-value store0.02+0.00+0.02
48.up arrow 52.up arrow 50.InfinityDBKey-value store0.02+0.01+0.02
49.down arrow 46.down arrow 44.GlobalsDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
50.50.down arrow 48.TayzGridKey-value store0.02-0.00+0.01
51.down arrow 45.down arrow 46.CodernityDBKey-value store0.01-0.02-0.01
52.up arrow 55.Atos Standard Common RepositoryMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
52.up arrow 55.BadgerKey-value store0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 50.BergDBKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 50.Cachelot.ioKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 54.down arrow 50.CortexDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
52.down arrow 51.down arrow 42.EllipticsKey-value store0.00-0.01-0.07
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 45.HeliumKey-value store0.00±0.00-0.02
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 50.HyperLevelDBKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.LeanXcale detailed informationDetailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 50.NanolatKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 53.down arrow 50.Resin CacheKey-value store0.00-0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.SwayDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.TerarkDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
52.up arrow 55.down arrow 50.TomP2PKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00

The following database management systems support the Key-value store model as secondary database model: 1010data, 4D, Actian PSQL, Actian Vector, ActorDB, AgensGraph, AlaSQL, Alibaba Cloud HybridDB, Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute, Altibase, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Apache Drill, BigObject, Brytlyt, Citus, ClickHouse, Clustrix, CockroachDB, CrateDB, Cubrid, DaggerDB, Datacom/DB, DataEase, Datastax Enterprise, Dataupia, Datomic, DB2, dBASE, DBISAM, Derby, ElevateDB, Empress, EnterpriseDB, EsgynDB, EXASOL, eXtremeDB, FileMaker, Firebird, FrontBase, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Spanner, GRAKN.AI, Greenplum, H2, HAWQ, HFSQL, Hive, HyperSQL, IBM dashDB, Impala, InfiniDB, Infobright, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, ITTIA, Jaguar, JethroData, JustOneDB, K-DB, Kdb+, Kinetica, Kognitio, Linter, Lovefield, LucidDB, MammothDB, MapD, MariaDB, MaxDB, MemSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer SQL, MonetDB, MongoDB, mSQL, MySQL, Netezza, NexusDB, NonStop SQL, NuoDB, OpenBase, OpenEdge, Oracle, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Rdb, Percona Server for MySQL, PipelineDB, Postgres-XL, PostgreSQL, PrestoDB, R:BASE, Raima Database Manager, Rainstor, Realm, Red Brick, Sadas Engine, SAP Adaptive Server, SAP Advantage Database Server, SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP SQL Anywhere, ScaleArc, SmallSQL, SnappyData, Snowflake, solidDB, Spark SQL, Splice Machine, SQL.JS, SQLBase, SQLite, SQream DB, Tajo, Teradata, Teradata Aster, Tibero, TiDB, TimesTen, Trafodion, Transbase, TransLattice, Valentina Server, Vertica, Virtuoso, VistaDB, VoltDB, WebScaleSQL, XtremeData, Yaacomo

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