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Editorial information provided by DB-Engines
NameSQream DB
Descriptiona GPU-based, columnar RDBMS for big data analytics workloads
Primary database modelRelational DBMS
DB-Engines Ranking infomeasures the popularity of database management systemsranking trend
Trend Chart
Rank#211  Overall
#100  Relational DBMS
Technical documentationdocs.sqream.com/­latest/­manual
DeveloperSQream Technologies
Initial release2014
Current release2019.2.1, July 2019
License infoCommercial or Open Sourcecommercial
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
DBaaS offerings (sponsored links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Implementation languageC++, CUDA, Haskell
Server operating systemsLinux
Data schemeyes
Typing infopredefined data types such as float or dateyes, ANSI Standard SQL Types
Secondary indexesyes
SQL infoSupport of SQLyes
APIs and other access methods.Net
Supported programming languagesC++
JavaScript (Node.js)
Server-side scripts infoStored proceduresuser defined functions in Python
Partitioning methods infoMethods for storing different data on different nodeshorizontal and vertical partitioning
Replication methods infoMethods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesnone
MapReduce infoOffers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodsno
Consistency concepts infoMethods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemImmediate Consistency
Foreign keys infoReferential integrityno
Transaction concepts infoSupport to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of dataACID
Concurrency infoSupport for concurrent manipulation of datayes
Durability infoSupport for making data persistentyes
More information provided by the system vendor
SQream DB
Specific characteristics

Due to exponentially growing data, organizations today are facing slowdowns, with analytics taking hours or even days. Time-consuming data preparation is needed for each change in perspective, and some complex analytics simply cannot be done.

SQream DB is a complementary SQL database that accelerates analytics on massive datasets.

SQream DB works as a speed layer alongside enterprises' MPP ecosystems, reducing long-running queries of terabytes to petabytes of data from days to hours and hours to minutes or even seconds. With SQream DB's GPU-accelerated processing power, enterprises can analyze a much larger portion of their historical and fresh data - for more accurate insights, better predictions, more reliable AI models, and better business decisions.

SQream DB analyzes raw data directly, enabling data scientists and BI analysts to freely explore their data from a variety of perspectives and dimensions, without the need for arduous preparation.  

Leading organizations in telecom, retail, healthcare, finance, and additional industries around the world use SQream DB to accelerate business intelligence and gain access to previously inaccessible business insights.

Competitive advantages
  • Much faster time to insight
  • Analyze significantly more data
  • Achieve previously unobtainable insights
  • Minimize time spent on data preparation, increase exploration
Typical application scenarios

What can you do with 100x faster SQL analytics?

  • Better and more timely decision making
  • More reliable AI models
  • Improved predictions and risk management
  • More personalized customer experience and increased loyalty
  • Optimized business and operational efficiency


  • Customer 360
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Network Optimization


  • Fraud Analysis
  • Risk Consolidation
  • Customized Services


  • Care Management
  • IoT Devices
  • Genomic Research


  • Monitor Competitors
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Decisions
Key customers

Some of our customers include: LG Uplus, AIS (Advanced Info Service), ACL Mobile, Cellcom, Orange S.A., Sheba Medical Center

Related products and services

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