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Editorial information provided by DB-Engines
NameCouchbase infoOriginally called Membase
DescriptionA distributed document store with a powerful search engine and in-built operational and analytical capabilities
Primary database modelDocument store
Secondary database modelsKey-value store infooriginating from the former Membase product and supporting the Memcached protocol
Spatial DBMS infousing the Geocouch extension
DB-Engines Ranking infomeasures the popularity of database management systemsranking trend
Trend Chart
Rank#30  Overall
#5  Document stores
Technical documentationdocs.couchbase.com
DeveloperCouchbase, Inc.
Initial release2011
Current releaseServer: 7.0, July 2021; Mobile: 3, February 2022; Couchbase Capella, October 2021
License infoCommercial or Open SourceOpen Source infoApache version 2; Commercial licenses also available
Cloud-based only infoOnly available as a cloud serviceno
DBaaS offerings (sponsored links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Couchbase Capella: a fully managed database-as-a-service that eliminates database management efforts and reduces cost
Implementation languageC, C++, Go and Erlang
Server operating systemsLinux
Data schemeschema-free
Typing infopredefined data types such as float or dateyes infoString, Boolean, Number
Secondary indexesyes
SQL infoSupport of SQLDeclarative query language (N1QL) that extends ANSI SQL to JSON. First commercial implementation of SQL++.
APIs and other access methodsNative language bindings for CRUD, Query, Search and Analytics APIs
Supported programming languages.Net
JavaScript infoNode.js
Server-side scripts infoStored proceduresFunctions and timers in JavaScript
Triggersyes infovia the TAP protocol
Partitioning methods infoMethods for storing different data on different nodesSharding
Replication methods infoMethods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesMulti-source replication infoincluding cross data center replication
Source-replica replication
MapReduce infoOffers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodsyes
Consistency concepts infoMethods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemEventual Consistency
Immediate Consistency infoselectable on a per-operation basis
Foreign keys infoReferential integrityno
Transaction concepts infoSupport to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of dataACID
Concurrency infoSupport for concurrent manipulation of datayes
Durability infoSupport for making data persistentyes
In-memory capabilities infoIs there an option to define some or all structures to be held in-memory only.yes infoEphemeral buckets
User concepts infoAccess controlUser and Administrator separation with password-based and LDAP integrated Authentication
More information provided by the system vendor
Couchbase infoOriginally called Membase
Specific characteristics
Developed as an alternative to traditionally inflexible relational databases, Couchbase architected a SQL-compatible NoSQL database for today’s data-intensive web, mobile and IoT applications. Unlike other NoSQL databases, Couchbase provides an enterprise-class, multicloud to edge database that offers the robust capabilities required for business-critical applications on a highly scalable and available platform. Couchbase is built on open standards, combining the best of NoSQL with the power and familiarity of SQL, to simplify the transition from mainframe and relational databases to NoSQL in the cloud. 

Our cloud-native geo-distributed JSON document-oriented database and key-value store provides an unmatched developer experience with SDKs for JavaScript, Python, PHP, Go, Java, and Scala as well as data management tools. At deployment time, Couchbase offers unparalleled performance at any scale, boasing capabilities such as a memory-first design, multi-dimensional scaling of each database service (index, query, data control, cluster control, full-text search, analytics, and eventing), and cluster automation including elastic data balancing. And with unmatched replication and synchronization features like cross datacenter replication (XDCR) and peer-to-peer mobile sync, Couchbase ensures that data exists everywhere it is needed. We also offer multiple managed service capabilities including a fully-managed database-as-a-service in Couchbase Cloud as well as our Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes, which allows customers the freedom to manage their own clusters like a pro, across any cloud.

The enterprise-class multicloud to edge NoSQL database

Unmatched agility and flexibility
Enhance application development agility by capitalizing on a declarative query language,
full text search, and adaptive indexing capabilities, plus seamless data mobility.
• 19% faster development lifecycle
• 40% faster response

Unparalleled performance at scale
Handle any volume, volatility, or speed of data, any number of data sources, and any number of end users with an in-memory dataset process, smart optimization, and highly performant indexing. 
• Applications run 10–20X better on Couchbase

The easiest platform to manage
Use Couchbase Cloud or download Couchbase and install it yourself. We streamline configuration and setup, ensure security, operate across any cloud, and help ensure availability with five-nines reliability.
We offer Low TCO, exceptional node-for-node performance and easy administration.

To learn more, visit: 
Competitive advantages
Couchbase was architected with several differentiated capabilities:
  • Shared-nothing, asynchronous, elastic architecture
  • Consistent performance at any scale
  • Always-on, globally distributed, edge-to-cloud
  • Location and deployment agnostic
  • Schema flexibility plus SQL
  • Built-in replication
  • Workload isolation with multi-dimensional scaling
Typical application scenarios
  • Customer 360 for user profile, session store and data aggregation (Comcast, Equifax, LinkedIn)
  • Catalog & Inventory Management for media/content catalog and product/pricing recommendations (Amadeus, Marriott, Sky)
  • Field Service for work order management and asset tracking (GE, PG&E, United)
  • IoT Data Management for operational dashboarding and device/endpoint management (BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), GE, SyncThink)
Key customers

Amadeus, AT&T, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), Carrefour, Cisco, Comcast, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, eBay, Marriott, Neiman Marcus, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, United, Verizon, Wells Fargo, as well as hundreds of other household names.

See more Couchbase customers

Market metrics
Licensing and pricing models
  • The Community Edition (CE) of Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile are available free of charge
  • Advanced functionality is available in the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile, both of which are licensed per server, per year and includes technical support
  • A detailed feature comparison of Couchbase Enterprise Edition and Community Edition is available on the Couchbase website
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CData: Connect to Big Data & NoSQL through standard Drivers.

Connect Apps, BI, & ETL Tools
to Couchbase

Easily connect BI, Analytics, Reporting, and Custom Apps
with Big Data & NoSQL databases.

Connect to Big Data & NoSQL databases without writing code! Our state-of-the-art Drivers let you read, write, and update big data sources through a standard database interface - just like using SQL Server. Trial downloads are available at www.cdata.com/drivers.

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MongoDB, Google BigQuery, Cassandra,
and Other Big Data & Cloud sources ...
ODBC | JDBC | ADO.NET | SQL SSIS | BIZTALK | CLOUD | SYNC The Leading Provider of Big Data & NoSQL Drivers

We invite representatives of vendors of related products to contact us for presenting information about their offerings here.

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Couchbase infoOriginally called Membase
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