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Ranking > Relational DBMS

DB-Engines Ranking of Relational DBMS

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

This is a partial list of the complete ranking showing only relational DBMS.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

87 systems in ranking, October 2014
RankLast MonthDBMSDatabase ModelScoreChanges
1.1.OracleRelational DBMS1471.90+4.99
2.2.MySQLRelational DBMS1262.97-34.17
3.3.Microsoft SQL ServerRelational DBMS1219.60+10.73
4.4.PostgreSQLRelational DBMS257.72+1.92
5.5.DB2Relational DBMS207.67+10.64
6.6.Microsoft AccessRelational DBMS141.64+1.16
7.7.SQLiteRelational DBMS94.95+2.34
8.8.Sybase ASERelational DBMS86.79+1.37
9.9.TeradataRelational DBMS67.35+1.19
10.10.FileMakerRelational DBMS52.33-0.31
11. 12.HiveRelational DBMS34.78+3.38
12. 11.InformixRelational DBMS33.71+0.26
13.13.SAP HANARelational DBMS25.59+2.41
14.14.FirebirdRelational DBMS17.69+0.49
15.15.NetezzaRelational DBMS17.15+0.61
16.16.MariaDBRelational DBMS16.52+0.74
17.17.Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseRelational DBMS15.57+0.32
18.18.VerticaRelational DBMS13.66+0.11
19.19.dBASERelational DBMS10.24+0.31
20.20.IngresRelational DBMS8.35-0.36
21.21.GreenplumRelational DBMS7.37+0.60
22.22.SQL AnywhereRelational DBMS5.46-0.06
23. 24.InterbaseRelational DBMS5.41+0.24
24. 23.Sybase IQRelational DBMS5.22-0.24
25.25.HyperSQLRelational DBMS4.47-0.35
26.26.mSQLRelational DBMS4.42+0.23
27.27.H2Relational DBMS3.75-0.18
28.28.DerbyRelational DBMS3.35+0.01
29. 31.Google BigQueryRelational DBMS3.09+0.32
30. 32.VirtuosoMulti-model Native XML DBMS,
Relational DBMS,
RDF store
31. 30.RedshiftRelational DBMS2.82-0.01
32. 29.Sybase ADSRelational DBMS2.80-0.04
33.33.TimesTenRelational DBMS2.43+0.06
34.34.MaxDBRelational DBMS2.14+0.21
35.35.OpenEdgeRelational DBMS2.00+0.22
36.36.Teradata AsterRelational DBMS1.59-0.03
37.37.EnterpriseDBRelational DBMS1.51+0.09
38.38.DrizzleRelational DBMS1.38+0.04
39. 40.Red BrickRelational DBMS1.23+0.13
40. 42.InfobrightRelational DBMS1.16+0.10
41. 39.ParAccelRelational DBMS1.11-0.08
42. 43.NuoDBRelational DBMS1.04-0.01
43. 41.Percona ServerRelational DBMS1.01-0.08
44.44.VoltDBRelational DBMS0.94+0.01
45. 50.MemSQLRelational DBMS0.80+0.11
46. 45.DataEaseRelational DBMS0.79+0.03
47.47.AltibaseRelational DBMS0.74+0.01
48. 52.KognitioRelational DBMS0.73+0.09
49. 46.MonetDBRelational DBMS0.71-0.04
50. 48.R:BASERelational DBMS0.71-0.02
51. 54.ClustrixRelational DBMS0.71+0.17
52. 53.Kdb+Relational DBMS0.69+0.11
53. 51.NonStop SQLRelational DBMS0.68+0.03
54. 49.solidDBRelational DBMS0.66-0.07
55.55.VectorwiseRelational DBMS0.56+0.04
56. 60.InfiniDBRelational DBMS0.53+0.12
57. 56.FrontBaseRelational DBMS0.48+0.01
58. 57.Pervasive PSQLRelational DBMS0.45+0.02
59. 58.HadaptRelational DBMS0.45+0.03
60. 61.1010dataRelational DBMS0.43+0.04
61. 63.FoundationDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
62. 64.TokuDBRelational DBMS0.43+0.08
63. 59.VistaDBRelational DBMS0.42+0.01
64. 62.OpenBaseRelational DBMS0.41+0.02
65. 67.ExasolRelational DBMS0.37+0.10
66. 65.CubridRelational DBMS0.31+0.00
67. 66.NexusDBRelational DBMS0.31+0.03
68.68.AkibanRelational DBMS0.21+0.01
69. 70.eXtremeDBRelational DBMS0.19+0.02
70. 69.Splice MachineRelational DBMS0.18-0.00
71. 73.TransLatticeRelational DBMS0.17+0.05
72. 76.ITTIARelational DBMS0.15+0.06
73. 71.ScimoreDBRelational DBMS0.14+0.02
74. 75.XtremeDataRelational DBMS0.14+0.04
75. 72.DataupiaRelational DBMS0.13+0.01
76. 74.LucidDBRelational DBMS0.12+0.02
77.ScaleBaseRelational DBMS0.10
78.80.ScaleDBRelational DBMS0.08+0.04
79.77.GenieDBRelational DBMS0.07+0.01
80.78.WebScaleSQLRelational DBMS0.07+0.02
81.79.SmallSQLRelational DBMS0.05+0.00
82.81.c-treeACERelational DBMS0.01+0.01
83.82.Postgres-XLRelational DBMS0.01+0.01
84.82.Amisa ServerMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Relational DBMS
84.82.JustOneDBRelational DBMS0.00±0.00
84.82.Mimer SQLRelational DBMS0.00±0.00
84.82.TajoRelational DBMS0.00±0.00

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