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Amazon DynamoDB Systemeigenschaften

Bitte wählen Sie ein weiteres System aus, um es mit Amazon DynamoDB zu vergleichen.

Unsere Besucher vergleichen Amazon DynamoDB oft mit MongoDB, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB und Redis.

Redaktionelle Informationen bereitgestellt von DB-Engines
NameAmazon DynamoDB
KurzbeschreibungGehostetes, skalierbares Datenbankservice von Amazon; die Daten werden in der Amazon Cloud gespeichert
Primäres DatenbankmodellDocument Store
Key-Value Store
DB-Engines Ranking infomisst die Popularität von Datenbankmanagement- systemenranking trend
Trend Chart
Rang#21  Overall
#2  Document Stores
#2  Key-Value Stores
Technische Dokumentationdocs.aws.amazon.com/­dynamodb
Lizenz infoCommercial or Open Sourcekommerziell infokostenlos bis zu einer gewissen Anzahl von Datenbankoperationen
Ausschließlich ein Cloud-Service infoNur als Cloud-Service verfügbarja
DBaaS Angebote (gesponserte Links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Server Betriebssystemegehostet
Typisierung infovordefinierte Datentypen, z.B. float oder dateja
SQL infoSupport of SQLnein
APIs und andere ZugriffskonzepteRESTful HTTP API
Unterstützte Programmiersprachen.Net
Server-seitige Scripts infoStored Proceduresnein
Triggersja infoby integration with AWS Lambda
Partitionierungsmechanismen infoMethoden zum Speichern von unterschiedlichen Daten auf unterschiedlichen KnotenSharding
Replikationsmechanismen infoMethoden zum redundanten Speichern von Daten auf mehreren Knotenja
MapReduce infoBietet ein API für Map/Reduce Operationennein infokann über Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) realiosiert werden
Konsistenzkonzept infoMethoden zur Sicherstellung der Konsistenz in einem verteilten SystemEventual Consistency
Immediate Consistency infokann bei LeseOperationen spezifiziert werden
Fremdschlüssel inforeferenzielle Integritätnein
Transaktionskonzept infoUnterstützung zur Sicherstellung der Datenintegrität bei nicht-atomaren DatenmanipulationenACID infoACID across one or more tables within a single AWS account and region
Concurrency infoUnterstützung von gleichzeitig ausgeführten Datenmanipulationenja
Durability infoDauerhafte Speicherung der Datenja
Berechtigungskonzept infoZugriffskontrolleZugriffsrechte für Benutzer und Rollen über AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) definierbar
Weitere Informationen bereitgestellt vom Systemhersteller
Amazon DynamoDB
Specific characteristics

Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It's a fully managed, multiregion, multimaster database with built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching for internet-scale applications. DynamoDB can handle more than 10 trillion requests per day and support peaks of more than 20 million requests per second.

Many of the world's fastest growing businesses such as Lyft, Airbnb, and Redfin as well as enterprises such as Samsung, Toyota, and Capital One depend on the scale and performance of DynamoDB to support their mission-critical workloads.

More than 100,000 AWS customers have chosen DynamoDB as their key-value and document database for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and other applications that need low-latency data access at any scale. Create a new table for your application and let DynamoDB handle the rest.

Competitive advantages


DynamoDB supports some of the world’s largest scale applications by providing consistent, single-digit millisecond response times at any scale. You can build applications with virtually unlimited throughput and storage. DynamoDB global tables replicate your data across multiple AWS Regions to give you fast, local access to data for your globally distributed applications. For use cases that require even faster access with microsecond latency, DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) provides a fully managed in-memory cache.


With DynamoDB, there are no servers to provision, patch, or manage and no software to install, maintain, or operate. DynamoDB automatically scales tables up and down to adjust for capacity and maintain performance. Availability and fault tolerance are built in, eliminating the need to architect your applications for these capabilities. DynamoDB provides both on-demand and provisioned capacity modes so that you can optimize costs by specifying capacity per workload, or paying for only the resources you consume.


DynamoDB supports ACID transactions to enable you to build business-critical applications at scale. DynamoDB encrypts all data by default and provides fine-grained identity and access control on all your tables. You can create full backups of hundreds of terabytes of data instantly with no performance impact to your tables, and recover to any point in time in the preceding 35 days with no downtime. DynamoDB is also backed by a service level agreement for guaranteed availability.

Learn more »

Typical application scenarios

Serverless web applications

Build powerful web applications that automatically scale up and down. You don't need to maintain servers, and your applications have automated high availability.

Reference architecture: Sample code

Microservices data store

Build flexible and reusable microservices using DynamoDB as a serverless data store for consistent and fast performance.

Reference architecture: Sample code

Mobile backends

Build personalized mobile apps with smooth experiences for your users. DynamoDB takes care of operational tasks so that you can focus on your applications.

Reference architecture: Sample code

Ad Tech
Create real-time bidding platforms and recommendation engines with scalability, throughput, and availability of DynamoDB.

Reference Architecture: Diagram

Store and query game data such as player stte, high scores, or world dynamic content.

Reference Architecture: Diagram

Analyze your devices by connecting your high-velocity, high-volume IoT data in DynamoDB to Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight.

Reference Architecture: Diagram

Key customers

Nike Digital migrated their large clusters of Cassandra to a fully managed Amazon DynamoDB, allowing more resources for better customer experience. Watch the video »

GE Aviation rearchitected their plotting and data-query application for cost savings, scalability, and performance using Amazon DynamoDB. Watch the video »

Oath deployed GDPR compliance for their applications globally and leveraged Amazon DynamoDB global tables to enable data synchronization. Watch the video »

Samsung uses DynamoDB for their petabyte size mobile app backups, resulting in consistent high performance and cost savings. Watch the video »

Netflix uses DynamoDB to run A/B testing that builds personalized streaming experiences for their 125+ million customers. Watch the video »

Capital One uses DynamoDB to reduce latency for their mobile applications by moving their mainframe transactions to a serverless architecture for unbound scale. Watch the video »

Snap migrated their largest storage workload, Snapchat Stories, to DynamoDB and improved performance while reducing cost. Watch the video »

See more case studies >>

Market metrics

According to DB-Engines' ranking, Amazon DynamoDB is the most popular fully managed database service.

Gartner Research positions Amazon Web Services in the Leaders Quadrant of its Magic Quadrant Operational Database Management Systems. Gartner defines leaders as those that generally demonstrate the most support for a broad range of operational applications, based on support for a wide range of data types and multiple use cases. These vendors demonstrate consistent customer satisfaction and strong customer support.

Licensing and pricing models

DynamoDB charges for reading, writing, and storing data in your DynamoDB tables, along with any optional features you choose to enable. DynamoDB has two capacity modes and those come with specific billing options for processing reads and writes on your tables: on-demand and provisioned. Learn more »

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