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Microsoft SQL Server regained rank 2 in the DB-Engines popularity ranking

by Matthias Gelbmann, 3 December 2012
Tags: DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

After it slipped last month to rank 3 behind MySQL, SQL Server is back to position 2 in our December ranking with a very small difference in the scores.

Oracle continues to be the most popular DBMS, while SQL Server and MySQL are close competitors for the runner up position.

Behind that we see also a very close score between MS Access and PostgreSQL, with the Microsoft tool still ahead. That means the first four positions are held by only two corporations.

There are no other changes in positions in the top 10. DB2 is just one rank ahead of MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL DBMS.

These are the top 10 DB engines in our December ranking:

Rank November DBMS Database Model Score
1.   1. Oracle Relational DBMS 1488.94
2.   3. Microsoft SQL Server Relational DBMS 1356.84
3.   2. MySQL Relational DBMS 1324.67
4.   4. Microsoft Access Relational DBMS 181.93
5.   5. PostgreSQL Relational DBMS 181.17
6.   6. DB2 Relational DBMS 164.33
7.   7. MongoDB Document store 103.77
8.   8. Sybase Relational DBMS 89.77
9.   9. SQLite Relational DBMS 84.54
10.   10. Cassandra Wide column store 34.21


In the top 20 we see four more NoSQL systems gaining one rank each: Redis, CouchDB, Riak and Neo4j. Is this a trend towards NoSQL or just a temporary spike in public attention? We will find out in the coming months.

We have again expanded the coverage of the ranking by several additional systems, which you can find in the complete ranking. Please let us know if we are still missing any.

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