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Editorial information provided by DB-Engines
DescriptionWide-column store based on ideas of BigTable and DynamoDB Optimized for write access
Database modelWide column store
DB-Engines Ranking measures the popularity of database management systems
Trend Chart
Rank#8  Overall
#1  Wide column stores
Technical documentationwww.datastax.com/­docs
DeveloperApache Software Foundation Apache top level project, originally developped by Facebook
Initial release2008
Current release3.10, February 2017
License Commercial or Open SourceOpen Source Apache version 2
Cloud-based Only available as a cloud serviceno
Implementation languageJava
Server operating systemsBSD
Data schemeschema-free
Typing predefined data types such as float or dateyes
Secondary indexesrestricted only equality queries, not always the best performing solution
SQL Support of (almost entire) SQL standard (DML, DDL and DCL statements)no
APIs and other access methodsProprietary protocol CQL (Cassandra Query Language, an SQL-like language) and an API based on Apache Thrift
Supported programming languagesC#
JavaScript Node.js
Server-side scripts Stored proceduresno
Partitioning methods Methods for storing different data on different nodesSharding no "single point of failure"
Replication methods Methods for redundantly storing data on multiple nodesselectable replication factor Representation of geographical distribution of servers is possible
MapReduce Offers an API for user-defined Map/Reduce methodsyes
Consistency concepts Methods to ensure consistency in a distributed systemEventual Consistency
Immediate Consistency can be individually decided for each write operation
Foreign keys Referential integrityno
Transaction concepts Support to ensure data integrity after non-atomic manipulations of datano Atomicity and isolation are supported for single operations
Concurrency Support for concurrent manipulation of datayes
Durability Support for making data persistentyes
User concepts Access controlAccess rights for users can be defined per object
More information provided by the system vendor
Specific characteristics

Apache Cassandra is the leading NoSQL, distributed database management system driving many of today's modern business applications by offering continuous availability, high scalability and performance, strong security, and operational simplicity while lowering overall cost of ownership.

Competitive advantages
  • No single point of failure ensures 100% availability.
  • Operational simplicity for lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Best-in-class scalability of NoSQL platforms.
Typical application scenarios

Internet of Things (IOT), fraud detection applications, recommendation engines, product catalogs and playlists and messaging applications.

Key customers

Barracuda Networks, NY Times, Outbrain, BazaarVoice, Best Buy, Comcast, eBay, Hulu, Sky, Pearson Education 

Market metrics

Cassandra is used by a quarter of the Fortune 100

Licensing and pricing models
  • Apache license 
  • Pricing for commercial distributions provided by DataStax and available upon request.
3rd party products and services
Progress DataDirect: Data connectivity across standard SQL and REST

We connect data for 350+ technology partners around the globe including 8 of the top 9 Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms. We co-founded the ODBC specification and serve on the JDBC Expert Group, OData Technical Committee for REST APIs and ANSI SQL Committee.

CData: Connect to Big Data & NoSQL through standard Drivers.

Connect Apps, BI, & ETL Tools
to Cassandra

Easily connect BI, Analytics, Reporting, and Custom Apps
with Big Data & NoSQL databases.

Connect to Big Data & NoSQL databases without writing code! Our state-of-the-art Drivers let you read, write, and update big data sources through a standard database interface - just like using SQL Server. Trial downloads are available at www.cdata.com/drivers.

Big Data & NoSQL Drivers:
MongoDB, Google BigQuery, Cassandra,
and Other Big Data & Cloud sources ...
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Data Architect
First San Francisco Partners, Seattle, WA

Senior Data Architect
KSM Consulting, Indianapolis, IN

Data Analyst I
American Medical Association, Chicago, IL

Oracle Database Engineer
Prudential, Newark, NJ

Cassandra Database Architect / Sr. Developer
MobileComm, Inc., Jersey City, NJ

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