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GraphDB Systemeigenschaften

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Unsere Besucher vergleichen GraphDB oft mit Neo4j, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB und Amazon Neptune.

Redaktionelle Informationen bereitgestellt von DB-Engines
NameGraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIM
KurzbeschreibungEnterprise-ready RDF and graph database with efficient reasoning, cluster and external index synchronization support. It supports also SQL JDBC access to Knowledge Graph and GraphQL over SPARQL.
Primäres DatenbankmodellGraph DBMS
RDF Store
DB-Engines Ranking infomisst die Popularität von Datenbankmanagement- systemenranking trend
Trend Chart
Rang#91  Overall
#6  Graph DBMS
#4  RDF Stores
Technische Dokumentationgraphdb.ontotext.com/­documentation
Social network pagesLinkedInTwitterYouTubeGitHubMedium
Aktuelle Version10.4, Oktober 2023
Lizenz infoCommercial or Open Sourcekommerziell infoSome plugins of GraphDB Workbench are open sourced
Ausschließlich ein Cloud-Service infoNur als Cloud-Service verfügbarnein
DBaaS Angebote (gesponserte Links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
Server BetriebssystemeAlle Betriebssysteme mit einer Java VM
Datenschemaschema-free and OWL/RDFS-schema support; RDF shapes
Typisierung infovordefinierte Datentypen, z.B. float oder dateja
XML Unterstützung infoVerarbeitung von Daten in XML Format, beispielsweise Speicherung von XML-Strukturen und/oder Unterstützung von XPath, XQuery, XSLTnein
Sekundärindizesyes, supports real-time synchronization and indexing in SOLR/Elastic search/Lucene and GeoSPARQL geometry data indexes
SQL infoSupport of SQLstored SPARQL accessed as SQL using Apache Calcite through JDBC/ODBC
APIs und andere ZugriffskonzepteGeoSPARQL
GraphQL Federation
Java API
Sail API
Sesame REST HTTP Protocol
Unterstützte Programmiersprachen.Net
JavaScript (Node.js)
Server-seitige Scripts infoStored Procedureswell-defined plugin interfaces; JavaScript server-side extensibility
Partitionierungsmechanismen infoMethoden zum Speichern von unterschiedlichen Daten auf unterschiedlichen Knotenkeine
Replikationsmechanismen infoMethoden zum redundanten Speichern von Daten auf mehreren KnotenMulti-Source Replikation
MapReduce infoBietet ein API für Map/Reduce Operationennein
Konsistenzkonzept infoMethoden zur Sicherstellung der Konsistenz in einem verteilten SystemImmediate Consistency, Eventual consistency (configurable in cluster mode per master or individual client request)
Fremdschlüssel inforeferenzielle Integritätja infoConstraint checking
Transaktionskonzept infoUnterstützung zur Sicherstellung der Datenintegrität bei nicht-atomaren DatenmanipulationenACID
Concurrency infoUnterstützung von gleichzeitig ausgeführten Datenmanipulationenja
Durability infoDauerhafte Speicherung der Datenja
Berechtigungskonzept infoZugriffskontrolleDefault Basic authentication through RDF4J client, or via Java when run with cURL, default token-based in the Workbench or via Rest API, optional access through OpenID or Kerberos single sign-on.
Weitere Informationen bereitgestellt vom Systemhersteller
GraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIM
Specific characteristics

Ontotext GraphDB is a semantic database engine that allows organizations to build faster, cheaper, and optimized Knowledge Graphs.

GraphDB Enterprise is a high-performance semantic repository created by Ontotext. It is implemented in Java and packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the RDF4J framework. Loading, reasoning and query evaluation proceed fast even against huge ontologies and knowledge bases.

Competitive advantages

GraphDB allows you to link text and data in big knowledge graphs. It’s easy to experiment with its functions, such as inserting and transforming any data into RDF format, SPARQL editor, FTS connectors, visualization, geospatial and ranking. 

GraphDB offers

  • Data Reconciliation
  • Ontology visualization
  • Semantic similarity search based on graph embeddings and smarter and
  • Simpler cluster architecture that enables best-in-class resilience, reduced infrastructure costs and self-organized leader election for automated recovery

Upstream and Downstream Integrations:

  • ChatGPT GraphDB Integration
  • Elasticsearch GraphDB Connector
  • OpenSearch GraphDB Connector
  • Lucene GraphDB Connector
  • Solr GraphDB Connector
  • Kafka GraphDB Connector
  • MongoDB Integration for large-scale metadata management
  • General Full-text Search with the Connectors
  • Kafka Sink Connector
  • Text Mining Plugin
  • Dremio, Databricks, and Snowflake integration via Ontop 5
Typical application scenarios

Metadata enrichment and management, linked data publishing, semantic inferencing at scale, enterprise semantic search applications and data warehousing in verticals like

  • Financial Services,
  • Lifesciences and Healthcare,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Public sectors,
  • Publishing,
  • GLAM sectors,
  • Agriculture,
  • Electricity,
  • Transportation and others.
Key customers

GraphDB provides a platform for building next-generation AI and Knowledge Graph based solutions in life science, finance, media and other domains.

Part of our clients are: Fujitsu, Johnson Controls, Stattnet, TOP 5 US Banks, Chubb, S&P Global Platts, Roche, BBC, Press Association, Financial Times, DK, Euromoney, The British Museum, Getty Trust, UK Parliament, Raytheon, Korea Telecom, Springer Nature, Elsevier, Oxford University Press, Wiley and many others

Market metrics
  • GraphDB is the most utilized semantic triplestore for mission-critical enterprise deployments. Heavy-duty, high-availability, robust and scalable it fits perfectly in any enterprise infrastructure when stability and predictability are key.
  • GraphDB is the first engine to pass both LDBC Social Network and Semantic Publishing benchmarks, proving its unique capability to handle graph analytics and metadata management workloads simultaneously. For more information about it, please click here: https://ldbcouncil.org/post/ldbc-snb-early-2023-updates/ 
Licensing and pricing models
  • GraphDB Free is a non-commercial version and is free to use.
  • GraphDB Enterprise edition is licensed per CPU-Core used. Perpetual and annual subscription models are available.
  • GraphDB Enterprise Edition 12-Core Cluster available on AWS Marketplace & Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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GraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIM
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