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Unsere Besucher vergleichen Faircom DB oft mit Microsoft SQL Server, Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute und JaguarDB.

Redaktionelle Informationen bereitgestellt von DB-Engines
NameFaircom DB infoformerly c-treeACE
KurzbeschreibungNative high-speed multi-model DBMS for relational and key-value store data simultaneously accessible through SQL and NoSQL APIs.
Primäres DatenbankmodellKey-Value Store
Relational DBMS
DB-Engines Ranking infomisst die Popularität von Datenbankmanagement- systemenranking trend
Trend Chart
Rang#266  Overall
#40  Key-Value Stores
#122  Relational DBMS
Technische Dokumentationlearn.faircomcorp.com/­developers/­documentation_directory
EntwicklerFairCom Corporation
Aktuelle VersionV12, November 2020
Lizenz infoCommercial or Open Sourcekommerziell infoRestricted, free version available
Ausschließlich ein Cloud-Service infoNur als Cloud-Service verfügbarnein
DBaaS Angebote (gesponserte Links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
ImplementierungsspracheANSI C, C++
Server BetriebssystemeAIX
Windows infoeasily portable to other OSs
Datenschemaschema free, schema optional, schema required, partial schema,
Typisierung infovordefinierte Datentypen, z.B. float oder dateja, ANSI Standard SQL Types, JSON, typed binary structures
XML Unterstützung infoVerarbeitung von Daten in XML Format, beispielsweise Speicherung von XML-Strukturen und/oder Unterstützung von XPath, XQuery, XSLTnein
SQL infoSupport of SQLyes, ANSI SQL with proprietary extensions
APIs und andere ZugriffskonzepteADO.NET
Direct SQL
Unterstützte Programmiersprachen.Net
JavaScript (Node.js and browser)
Visual Basic
Server-seitige Scripts infoStored Proceduresja info.Net, JavaScript, C/C++
Partitionierungsmechanismen infoMethoden zum Speichern von unterschiedlichen Daten auf unterschiedlichen KnotenFile partitioning, horizontal partitioning, sharding infoCustomizable business rules for table partitioning
Replikationsmechanismen infoMethoden zum redundanten Speichern von Daten auf mehreren Knotenyes, configurable to be parallel or serial, synchronous or asynchronous, uni-directional or bi-directional, ACID-consistent or eventually consistent (with custom conflict resolution).
MapReduce infoBietet ein API für Map/Reduce Operationennein
Konsistenzkonzept infoMethoden zur Sicherstellung der Konsistenz in einem verteilten SystemEventual Consistency
Immediate Consistency
Tunable consistency per server, database, table, and transaction
Fremdschlüssel inforeferenzielle Integritätja
Transaktionskonzept infoUnterstützung zur Sicherstellung der Datenintegrität bei nicht-atomaren Datenmanipulationentunable from ACID to Eventually Consistent
Concurrency infoUnterstützung von gleichzeitig ausgeführten Datenmanipulationenja
Durability infoDauerhafte Speicherung der DatenYes, tunable from durable to delayed durability to in-memory
In-Memory Unterstützung infoGibt es Möglichkeiten einige oder alle Strukturen nur im Hauptspeicher zu haltenja
Berechtigungskonzept infoZugriffskontrolleFine grained access rights according to SQL-standard with additional protections for files
Weitere Informationen bereitgestellt vom Systemhersteller
Faircom DB infoformerly c-treeACE
Specific characteristics
Achieve Hundreds of Thousands of Transactions Per Second 
on A Single Database Server and Scale to Hundreds of Servers

FairCom DB gives developers total control to achieve unprecedented performance. It is also self-tuning for the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). 

FairCom DB is ideal for large-scale, mission-critical, core-business applications that require performance, flexibility and capabilities that cannot be achieved by other databases. It is the database of choice for 42 percent of the Fortune 100. It is the best kept secret of the database industry because of the competitive advantage it offers.

Predictable high-velocity transactions are a hallmark of FairCom DB. It empowers developers with easy NoSQL APIs in their favorite programming languages to process structured binary data at machine speed using custom algorithms, and it provides ANSI SQL over the same binary data for easy queries, analytics, and integration with SQL tools. Further, it provides high-speed data replication to create massively scaled solutions with a continuum of control from ACID compliant to eventually consistent. 

Multiple Models
FairCom DB supports Relational and Object Models. The data in either model is available simultaneously through SQL and NoSQL. Its NoSQL NAV APIs give the developer full control over every aspect of storing, indexing, querying and navigating across all data. 

• The Relational Model is backed by a fast and mature index, join and filter engine that provides standard ANSI SQL.

• The Key-value Store Model stores, indexes, queries and navigates binary structures. The entire contents of a record can be a binary structure of any type, and the database can index one or more parts of it. For example, a record can contain raw object data or a binary structure. It can also contain serialized data, such as BSON, Avro, Google Protocol Buffers, Google FlatBuffers, MessagePack, etc.

Custom Data Algorithms
Developers use FairCom’s NAV API to navigate data from within their favorite programming language including Java, Python, C#, C++, C, Cobol, JavaScript (Node.js and browser), PHP, and Visual Basic. This API literally “remote controls” the database. This makes the database an extension of the developer’s code. A developer can use their favorite programming language to create any algorithm to process data – including graph algorithms. Unlike other SQL and NoSQL databases, FairCom DB does not limit a developer to a few built-in data processing algorithms.

Some customers continuously operate FairCom DB at hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. One such customer consistently has 500-plus concurrent connections with more than 25,000 open tables and obtains more than 375,000 transactions per second, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. 

Custom Architectures
FairCom DB runs on the largest servers as a traditional database server. It also runs well embedded inside applications. And most importantly, it can be used in both ways simultaneously to deliver powerful solutions like no other database. 

For example, FairCom DB can be embedded inside each app server for extremely fast local data processing of cached data. It can also run as a traditional centralized database for all app servers to use simultaneously. Further, built-in data replication can automatically replicate data between the central database server and the embedded databases. This combination of centralized and decentralized processing allows applications to achieve unprecedented performance and availability. 

Custom Clustering
FairCom DB does not limit you to one cluster topology. FairCom DB’s built-in Replication Manager makes it easy to mix and match data replication and failover to create any cluster topology you need for horizontal scalability, high availability, eventual consistency, ACID compliance, and anywhere in between. 

Implement any cluster scenario including: 
• Eventually consistent
• ACID-compliant
• High availability
• Disaster recovery
• Massive horizontal scale with read-only and read-write shards
• Globally distributed data with local reads and writes
• Etc.

Control replication at all levels from individual tables to entire databases. Publish data once and subscribe to the publication many times across many servers. 

FairCom Replication uses multiple threads to continuously stream all changes at high speed, and it runs outside the database process to ensure database performance is not impacted.

A browser-based graphical user interface, called Replication Manager, runs in a central location to configure, manage and monitor data replication across hundreds of servers and thousands of tables. FairCom Replication can also be automated through a JSON/HTTP web service API and a C/C++ API.

FairCom DB dramatically reduces TCO. It requires little-to-no database administration and runs on less expensive hardware while delivering exceptional performance and high availability. 

For example, the database’s indexes and tables automatically tune themselves. Hot Alter Table enables users to perform schema changes instantly against huge tables with no need to run multi-day background conversion processes that degrade performance. Forty years of fine-tuning makes the engine run efficiently and quickly on less expensive hardware. On high-end hardware, its performance is unparalleled. Lastly, its easy-to-use SQL and NoSQL APIs make developers highly productive at solving the most complex of data processing challenges.
Competitive advantages

Top Features

  • SQL
  • Key-value store and navigational NoSQL API
  • Indexed binary objects and structures
  • JSON
  • Automatic database tuning
  • Custom control from ACID-compliant to Eventually Consistent
  • User-configurable balance between speed, atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability
  • Bi-directional replication for eventual consistency
  • Parallel synchronous replication for high availability
  • Parallel asynchronous replication for massive scalability and disaster recovery
  • Supports all major programming languages, platforms and operating systems

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional performance and scale
  • Your custom algorithms process data at high speed for a unique competitive edge
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Low software costs
    • Low hardware costs because of its extremely efficient and fast data processing
    • Almost no database administration costs with its automatic ability to tune and heal itself
    • Maximal developer productivity – easy APIs with the ability for total control when needed
    • Built-in data replication for high availability and horizontal scalability
Typical application scenarios

Real-time transaction processing solutions leverage FairCom DB because its NoSQL engine delivers predictable high velocity performance. Large stock market, logistics, and semiconductor companies use FairCom DB in this way to run their core business.

Metadata is at the heart of large applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and medical management and logistics solutions. Metadata drives the business rules of the application and makes it customizable.  FairCom DB is often used as the metadata engine at the core of applications because of its exceptionally fast in-memory performance and its ability to be embedded inside an application.

Microservices leverage FairCom DB’s ability to embed the database inside each app server for true horizontal scale, data independence, and unprecedented performance. They use FairCom DB’s built-in data replication to ensure critical data changes are delivered synchronously across app servers and less-critical changes are delivered asynchronously. Large telecom and financial corporations use FairCom DB in this way.

Problems no other database can solve are regularly solved by FairCom DB. This is not a marketing slogan. FairCom DB’s NoSQL API remote controls all aspects of data processing. This allows developers to implement any algorithm to process data – and do it at remarkable speed. FairCom DB does not impose any restrictions on a developer’s ingenuity and it provides a proven NoSQL API that has been fine-tuned and improved for 40 years to make developers highly productive.

Key customers

Microsoft, UPS, Verizon, Motorola, Commvault, Thomson Reuters, ACI, BNY Mellon, Rockwell Automation, FICO, SS&C, Abacus, Tealeaf, Henry Schein, CA Technologies, Zeiss, IBM, U.S. FAA.

FairCom DB is used in a wide variety of industries and government agencies including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing automation, accounting, legal, dental, education, construction, aerospace, trucking, gaming, space exploration, oil and gas, energy, major league baseball, fraud detection, public safety and infrastructure management.

Market metrics
  • From banking and financial transactions, transportation, warehouse automation, package delivery, medical, legal, healthcare, and many others. 
  • More than 100,000,000 deployments of FairCom databases.
  • Global reach with customers in more than 100 countries.
  • 95.3% customer satisfaction rate.
  • The FairCom Technical Support Team received a 97.2% satisfaction rate from customers
  • Highly regarded by users on third-party sites: Gartner Reviews

Licensing and pricing models

Just as the technical aspects of FairCom DB are flexible to meet operation requirements, so are the purchasing options. FairCom comes in multiple editions to meet your specific needs. Contact  FairCom for pricing and licensing information info@faircom.com or 1-573-445-6833.

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