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Ranking > Key-value Stores

DB-Engines Ranking of Key-value Stores

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

This is a partial list of the complete ranking showing only key-value stores.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

51 systems in ranking, July 2015
RankDBMSDatabase ModelScore
1.1.1.Redis Detailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store95.08-0.41+26.34
2.2.2.MemcachedKey-value store33.13-0.29+2.15
3.3. 4.Amazon DynamoDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
4.4. 3.RiakKey-value store13.65+0.19+2.29
5.5.5.EhcacheKey-value store7.76+0.13+1.18
6.6.6.HazelcastKey-value store6.08+0.40+1.94
7.7. 10.OrientDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
8.8.8.Berkeley DBKey-value store3.84+0.07+0.76
9.9.9.Oracle CoherenceKey-value store3.49+0.11+0.90
10.10. 7.Amazon SimpleDBKey-value store2.99-0.11-0.11
11.11. 14.Aerospike Detailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store2.61+0.00+1.86
12.12. 11.Oracle NoSQLKey-value store2.45+0.16+1.03
13.13. 12.InfinispanKey-value store2.24+0.17+1.21
14.14. 13.LevelDBKey-value store1.51+0.04+0.70
15.15. 24.ArangoDB Detailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
16. 17. 17.GridGainKey-value store0.91+0.03+0.40
17. 16. 22.FoundationDB Detailed vendor-provided information availableMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store,
Relational DBMS
18.18. 16.ZODBKey-value store0.64-0.01+0.08
19.19. 15.GT.MKey-value store0.63+0.01-0.04
20. 21.20.NCacheKey-value store0.49+0.03+0.14
21. 20. 19.Tokyo CabinetKey-value store0.49-0.03+0.08
22.22. 21.WebSphere eXtreme ScaleKey-value store0.41-0.01+0.10
23.23. 32.SqrrlMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
24. 25. 27.XAP Detailed vendor-provided information availableKey-value store0.36+0.05+0.17
25. 24.WiredTigerKey-value store0.31-0.01
26. 28.26.HibariKey-value store0.30+0.04+0.08
27. 26. 23.Tokyo TyrantKey-value store0.28+0.00+0.04
28. 29. 33.RocksDBKey-value store0.27+0.04+0.23
29. 27. 25.Project VoldemortKey-value store0.27+0.01+0.04
30.30. 18.MapDBKey-value store0.22+0.02-0.20
31.31. 35.STSdbKey-value store0.19+0.02+0.19
32.32. 28.ScalarisKey-value store0.16+0.02+0.05
33.33. 31.Kyoto CabinetKey-value store0.12+0.01+0.07
34.34.34.HyperDexKey-value store0.12+0.03+0.09
35. 37.35.LightCloudKey-value store0.09+0.04+0.09
36.36. 29.HamsterdbKey-value store0.07+0.01-0.02
37. 41. 35.GlobalsDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
38.38. 35.ScaleOut StateServerKey-value store0.06+0.00+0.06
39. 40. 35.CodernityDBKey-value store0.03+0.03+0.03
40. 39. 30.Kyoto TycoonKey-value store0.03+0.01-0.03
41. 42. 35.TarantoolKey-value store0.00-0.00+0.00
42. 43. 35.BangdbKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
42. 43.BergDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
42. 43.CortexDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
42. 35.EllipticsKey-value store0.00-0.09
42. 43.HyperLevelDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
42. 43.LedisDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
42. 43. 35.NanolatKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
42. 43.QuasardbKey-value store0.00±0.00
42. 43. 35.Resin CacheKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00
42. 43. 35.TomP2PKey-value store0.00±0.00±0.00

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