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Ranking > Key-value Stores

DB-Engines Ranking of Key-value Stores

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

This is a partial list of the complete ranking showing only key-value stores.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

42 systems in ranking, April 2014
RankLast MonthDBMSDatabase ModelScoreChanges
1.1.RedisKey-value store58.46+5.01
2.2.MemcachedKey-value store30.99-1.92
3.3.RiakKey-value store10.48-0.01
4.4.DynamoDBKey-value store9.31+0.43
5.5.EhcacheKey-value store6.44-0.45
6.6.HazelcastKey-value store3.68+0.07
7.7.Berkeley DBKey-value store3.02-0.10
8.8.SimpleDBKey-value store2.99-0.04
9.9.CoherenceKey-value store2.42-0.17
10.10.Oracle NoSQLKey-value store1.21-0.03
11.11.InfinispanKey-value store1.03+0.02
12. 13.GT.MKey-value store0.67+0.01
13. 14.LevelDBKey-value store0.64+0.02
14. 12.AerospikeKey-value store0.62-0.08
15. 17.GridGainKey-value store0.55+0.18
16. 15.ZODBKey-value store0.54-0.00
17. 16.Tokyo CabinetKey-value store0.40-0.04
18.18.NCacheKey-value store0.36+0.01
19.19.WebSphere eXtreme ScaleKey-value store0.29-0.01
20. 21.Project VoldemortKey-value store0.26-0.02
21. 22.Tokyo TyrantKey-value store0.24-0.01
22. 24.XAPKey-value store0.23+0.08
23.23.HibariKey-value store0.22-0.01
24. 20.FoundationDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
25.25.ScalarisKey-value store0.10-0.00
26.26.ArangoDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
27. 28.HamsterdbKey-value store0.07+0.00
28. 29.Kyoto TycoonKey-value store0.05-0.00
29. 30.Kyoto CabinetKey-value store0.04-0.01
30. 32.SqrrlMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store,
Wide column store
31. 27.ScaleOut StateServerKey-value store0.02-0.05
32. 31.LightCloudKey-value store0.02-0.02
33.33.HyperDexKey-value store0.02-0.01
34.34.TarantoolKey-value store0.01+0.00
35.36.BangdbKey-value store0.00±0.00
35.36.CodernityDBKey-value store0.00±0.00
35.36.FatDBMulti-model Document store,
Key-value store
35.36.GlobalsDBMulti-model Document store,
Graph DBMS,
Key-value store
35.36.NanolatKey-value store0.00±0.00
35.36.Resin CacheKey-value store0.00±0.00
35.35.STSdbKey-value store0.00-0.00
35.36.TomP2PKey-value store0.00±0.00

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