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Winners, losers and an attractive newcomer in Novembers DB-Engines ranking

by Paul Andlinger, 2 November 2015
Tags: Cassandra, DB2, Elasticsearch, IBM dashDB, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle

Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and MariaDB are the winners in the current ranking.

IBM's DB2 and IBM dashDB show converse performances.

Comparing with the scores of the previous ranking, the winners of the DB-Engines ranking from November 2015 are

1. Oracle +13.99 points
2. MongoDB +11.34 points
3. MySQL +7.88 points
4. Elasticsearch +4.55 points
5. Cassandra +3.91 points

Another high performer in that ranking is MariaDB. It overtook CouchDB and Couchbase and climbed to position 23. MariaDB achieved that by reaching an all-time high and increasing its score by almost 10% over the last month.

For IBM our ranking reveals rather patchy news:

  • DB2, certainly one of the big players in the DBMS arena, lost more than 4 points this month, the worst loss of all systems.
  • In return, IBM dashDB, a cloud-based data warehousing service, entered our ranking of 283 systems at the remarkable position 113. Let's see, how it will make its way playing in a league with Amazon Redshift and others.

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