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PostgreSQL advances to rank 4 in DB-Engines Ranking

by Paul Andlinger, 4 March 2013
Tags: PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL moved up one rank at the expense of Microsoft Access.

Despite losing a few score points since last month, PostgreSQL managed to move up one rank to become #4 in our ranking. It was only at rank #6 half a year ago. An impressive achievement in a short period of time.


Rank Last Month DBMS Score Changes
1.   1. Oracle 1533.39 -34.54
2.   2. Microsoft SQL Server 1318.36 +7.75
3.   3. MySQL 1295.22 +10.44
4. up 5. PostgreSQL 177.16 -6.31
5. down 4. Microsoft Access 170.17 -15.88


See complete ranking of 129 systems.

PostgreSQL is the second most popular open source database management system, only behind MySQL. MySQL is out of reach at the moment in our ranking, and so is Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, being more than 1000 points ahead. However, we would not be surprised if that gap would be narrowing even further in the future.

PostgreSQL has a very active and vocal, almost fanatical community. They call it "the world's most advanced open source database." That's a bold claim, especially in a world with a lot of open source NoSQL database systems, which would not consider themselves any less advanced. That statement is obviously meant as a pointed remark towards MySQL, but the DBMS world is advancing in a lot of directions nowadays. We will keep an eye on PostgreSQL's standing in this world of increasing competition.

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