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One year of DB-Engines.com

by Paul Andlinger, Matthias Gelbmann, 2 October 2013
Tags: DB-Engines Ranking

DB-Engines.com went online exactly one year ago. Time for a little review.

We started DB-Engines.com one year ago because we are excited about the new developments in the field of database management systems and we wanted to create a platform to provide information on that subject.

How well does that work after a year?

When we started, we covered 18 tools in our systems overview. Now we provide information on 47 systems there. We keep working on extending that section, as it is quite popular amongst our visitors, particlarily the head-to-head comparisons of systems, for example Couchbase vs. CouchDB.

The most popular section of our site, however, turned out to be the DB-Engines ranking of database management systems. The first ranking list of October 2012 showed only 18 systems. We even missed a few systems that now rank amongst the top 10. Our ranking today contains 194 systems, which cover the industry pretty well. Nevertheless, we are always interested in getting additional proposals, and we want to say thank you for all the feedback we got over the year.

More interesting than statistics about our content, however, is the recognition by our visitors. Our traffic has grown to over 90,000 monthly page views, and keeps growing every month. The DB-Engines ranking is referenced in over 100 Wikipedia articles in at least 13 languages, and it is also referenced in numerous articles in well recognized publications, as well as in scientific and commercial presentations. We take all of this as an indication that this ranking satisfies a real information need, and not just our own curiosity.

Last but not least, we are glad to have entered an advertising partnership with some providers of DBMS-related products. These modest revenues cover the operation and maintenance costs, so that the site no longer needs to be cross-financed by our consulting business, which ensures that it will be around for a long time to come.

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