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Driving the Future of PostgreSQL Adoption
by  Umair Shahid, Percona (sponsor) , 15 November 2021
Tags: Open source DBMS, Percona, PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL has been rapidly gaining in popularity. The Stack Overflow Developer survey ranked it as the most wanted database and DB-Engines declared it the DBMS of the year 2020. PostgreSQL has seen steady growth in popularity, outpacing any other database. It is ACID compliant, secure, fast, reliable, with a liberal license, and backed by a vibrant community.
We have come this far. Where do we go from here?
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The Inexorable Rise of PostgreSQL
by  Matt Yonkovit, Percona (sponsor) , 24 September 2021
Tags: Open source DBMS, Percona, PostgreSQL

Percona's Matt Yonkovit shares his view on why PostgreSQL is currently the hottest database in town, how liberal licensing has led to mass adoption, and why you should consider a switch to PostgreSQL.

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