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MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis are the winners of the March ranking

von Paul Andlinger, 2. März 2016
Tags: 4D, DB2, Elasticsearch, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Neo4j, Open source DBMS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Realm, Redis

While the open-source DBMS show a very good performance in this months ranking, we monitor some popularity drops for the large commercial systems.

MySQL increased its popularity score by 26.59 points, the biggest gain this month, and comes close to its all-time high from March 2013.

PostgreSQL gained 10.97 points (an increase of almost 4%) and pulverized its all-time high from last month.

With the third best growth of this month, Redis passed SQLite and climbed to rank 9.

While all these systems are open-sourced, with Microsoft SQL Server (-10.73 points), DB2 (-6.55 points) and Oracle (-4.13 points) we have 3 commercially licensed systems on the other end of the list. That underpins the long-term trend, we are measuring for open-source systems

Other notable actualities of this months ranking:

  • Elasticsearch is showing one of the most impressive trends over the last 3 years. This month it again gained one rank and we would not be surprised to find it within the top 10 systems soon.
  • Neo4j entered the top 20 systems for the first time.
  • Two systems, which we have simply neglected yet, showed a remarkable debut: Realm, which is often used for mobile applications as a replacement for SQLite on rank 75 and 4D (former name 4th Dimension), a proven application development environment with an integrated DBMS on rank 94.


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