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Ranking > Search Engines

DB-Engines Ranking of Search Engines

The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly.

This is a partial list of the complete ranking showing only search engines.

Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

15 systems in ranking, December 2014
RankLast MonthDBMSDatabase ModelScoreChanges
1.1.SolrSearch engine78.42+1.60
2.2.ElasticsearchSearch engine45.90+2.83
3.3.SplunkSearch engine31.47-0.70
4.4.SphinxSearch engine11.02-0.14
5. 6.MarkLogicMulti-model Document store,
Native XML DBMS,
RDF store,
Search engine
6. 5.EndecaSearch engine8.26-0.29
7.7.Google Search ApplianceSearch engine3.54+0.03
8.8.CloudSearchSearch engine1.25+0.08
9.9.XapianSearch engine0.51+0.01
10.Microsoft Azure SearchSearch engine0.51
11.10.IndicaSearch engine0.27+0.02
12.11.CompassSearch engine0.22+0.01
13.12.SearchBloxSearch engine0.08+0.00
14.13.Srch²Search engine0.01-0.04
15.14.ExorbyteSearch engine0.00±0.00

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