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Multi-model database systems as a new trend!

by Paul Andlinger, 3 March 2014
Tags: DB-Engines Ranking, Multi-model DBMS

According to the trend to multi-model database systems, we made some changes to our categorization methodology and reclassified a couple of systems.

We have been contacted by several database vendors, complaining that we do not correctly classify their systems. They all were right, their systems are supporting more than one data model.

Multi-model database systems indeed seem to be an actual trend in database technology: 

We do not like to introduce a new category 'Multi-model DBMS', because apart from being 'multi-model', those systems would not necessarily have anything else in common. However, we react to the trend in allowing more than one data model per system and indicate those systems in our ranking as 'Multi-model'. The information, which specific data models are supported can be displayed by hovering over the small information icon.

Of course, the systems attribute description (e.g. https://db-engines.com/en/system/Virtuoso) shows all supported data models.

With respect to our category classification (which is based on the data model), we consequently include a multi-model system in all categories it’s data models fit into. As a result we see a couple of changes in the category rankings, i.e.:

Having explained our approach, we would finally like to mention that there are a couple of specifics in it:

  • Each RDF store can be seen as a graph DBMS. Therefore we do not explicitly include RDF stores in the graph DBMS category.
  • Many relational systems provide some kind of object oriented features (user defined data types, etc.). As long as they do not fully support inheritance, we do not classify them as object oriented dbms.
  • Nearly each system could be (mis-)used as a key-value store. We put a system in this category only when it is predominantly used as a key-value store.

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