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Vector databases

von Matthias Gelbmann, 2. Juni 2023
Tags: Chroma, Milvus, Pinecone, Vector DBMS

We have added Vector DBMSs as a new DBMS category.

What is a Vector DBMS

Vector database management systems, often simply called vector databases, are systems optimized for efficient storage, indexing, and querying of high-dimensional vector data. They use specialized algorithms and data structures to support similarity search. This is a contrast to traditional DBMSs, where queries typically return exact matches or data ranges, whereas Vector DBMSs return the closest match to a query vector.

Vecor databases have become popular in the last years, because they are often used in AI algorithms, where this special type of data processing is needed. For example, similarity search can find the closest image among a large set of candidates, whose properties are represented in large data vectors.

Vector DBMS Ranking

The most popular Vector DBMS at the moment are

You can see all systems in the Vector DBMS ranking.

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