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Architecting eCommerce Platforms for Zero Downtime on Black Friday and Beyond

von Tony Branson (guest author), 25. November 2016
Tags: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Scalability

Find out how to avoid downtime on Black Friday, find the best database design for your site, learn how to leverage Database Load Balancing to get your desired results.

Contemplating an e-Commerce Platform? Did you know that e-Commerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion by 2020? However, your e-Commerce website can only be profitable if your database is rapid, robust, and reliable. Gone are the times when HTML and CSS were powerful enough to keep your website up and running round the clock. Today you need a responsive website that is architected for zero downtime at the database tier.

Still Wondering What Difference does Your Chosen Database Make?

Your e-Commerce website enables you to sell your services and retail your products beyond boundaries, bringing you at par with international players. It gives you the opportunity to promote your brand without investing a fortune. Your database choice will have a significant impact on your visitors who will send information requests in the form of queries and when the amount of information needed will grow with your website popularity, it is your database that will decide how you accommodate change, remain accessible and meet the needs of your customers.

Choosing the Right Database Design for Your e-Commerce Website

Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL are the three most popular and preferred database options for e-Commerce websites that carry out thousands of transactions on a daily basis. Whether you sell bottled lemonade or bikinis, it is important to know your options and their advantages when selecting a database management system for your e-Commerce website. Here are a few things you need to know about each database to determine which best suits your business needs:


Being an object related platform available in multiple versions with different features and functionalities, Oracle is typically used in conjunction with servers and comprises of one instance associated with data storage services and operating processes. It is a scalable SaaS platform with the omnichannel support that empowers marketers to expand their selling models internationally. It is a good option for consumer brands who seek a responsive storefront that works efficiently on all devices.


Leading the charts as the second most preferred DBMS, MySQL is the perfect choice for open source marketers. Compatible with both proprietary technologies and open source solutions, MySQL is extremely beneficial for e-Commerce applications, pages and websites. Its ability to integrate with .NET frameworks, reliable data recovery, customizable codes, cost-effectiveness and ease of use make MySQL the ultimate option for web and network apps.

Microsoft SQL Server

Available in four different feature-rich versions, the database structure of SQL Server facilitates native integration with the software stack for seamless and smooth working. Engineered with e-Commerce enterprises in mind, the speed, scalability, security, and interoperability of SQL Server offer myriad ways to engage the end-user. It is an apt edition that comes with the advantage of the best business intelligence enterprise for mission critical applications.

As you set out to create your own e-Commerce platform, be sure to base your choice on the database restrictions and their structure. Here is a rundown of important considerations that expert DBAs take into account when choosing a database for an e-Commerce platform:

1. Ease of Use
An e-Commerce website should be intuitive and easy to navigate. It should be customizable to adapt to your growing business needs.

2. Operating System
Most databases make it necessary to use their OS which can be restricting in some cases.

3. Product Catalog
Depending on your product catalog, you would want a scalable solution which makes Oracle your right choice.

4. Scope of Service
Depending on the products or services you wish to promote, you would want to select a DBMS that offers an intuitive ordering system.

5. Amount of Data to be Processed 
Your choice of database should ensure seamless transactions even with a growing amount of queries without experiencing downtime.

Leveraging on Database Load Balancing for Desired Results

Irrespective of what you choose, a database load balancing software empowers an e-Commerce database to deliver 100% uptime and keep up with unexpected traffic surges by deploying transparently between the database and the application. Its acid-compliant caching and centralized framework allow you to leverage failover and query routing to enable automatic caching of your shopping cart even through Black Friday so that you can keep up with your sales growth. Avoid app errors and enjoy 100% uptime with SQL Server load balancing that ensures a consistent and personalized buying experience. With a database load balancing solution you will never have to rethink your decision or abandon your web design midway when performance issues crop up.


About the Author:    Tony Branson is a Database Load Balancing Senior Analyst at ScaleArc and a self-proclaimed tech geek, with a passion for ScaleArc’s disruptive technology innovation in database load balancing, Tony has a passion for dissecting tech topics such as transparent failover, centralized control, ACID compliance, database scalability and downtime effects. On his days off, he can be found watching sci-fi movies, rock climbing or volunteering.

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