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Vergleich der Systemeigenschaften Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres vs. GraphDB vs. Sadas Engine vs. SingleStore vs. SQream DB

Redaktionelle Informationen bereitgestellt von DB-Engines
NameFujitsu Enterprise Postgres  Xaus Vergleich ausschliessenGraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIM  Xaus Vergleich ausschliessenSadas Engine  Xaus Vergleich ausschliessenSingleStore infoformer name was MemSQL  Xaus Vergleich ausschliessenSQream DB  Xaus Vergleich ausschliessen
KurzbeschreibungEnterprise-grade PostgreSQL-based DBMS with security enhancements such as Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking, plus high-availability and performance improvement features.Enterprise-ready RDF and graph database with efficient reasoning, cluster and external index synchronization support. It supports also SQL JDBC access to Knowledge Graph and GraphQL over SPARQL.SADAS Engine is a columnar DBMS specifically designed for high performance in Data warehouse environmentsMySQL wire-compliant distributed RDBMS that combines an in-memory row-oriented and a disc-based column-oriented storage with patented universal storage to handle transactional and analytical workloads in one single table typea GPU-based, columnar RDBMS for big data analytics workloads
Primäres DatenbankmodellRelational DBMSGraph DBMS
RDF Store
Relational DBMSRelational DBMSRelational DBMS
Sekundäre DatenbankmodelleDocument Store
Spatial DBMS
Document Store
Spatial DBMS
Time Series DBMS
DB-Engines Ranking infomisst die Popularität von Datenbankmanagement- systemenranking trend
Trend Chart
Rang#370  Overall
#156  Relational DBMS
Rang#127  Overall
#8  Graph DBMS
#5  RDF Stores
Rang#384  Overall
#160  Relational DBMS
Rang#62  Overall
#34  Relational DBMS
Rang#231  Overall
#108  Relational DBMS
Technische Dokumentationfast.fujitsu.com/­product-manualsgraphdb.ontotext.com/­documentationwww.sadasengine.com/­index.php/­downloads/­documentation-columnar-dbdocs.singlestore.comdocs.sqream.com
Social network pagesLinkedInTwitterGitHubYouTubeMedium
EntwicklerPostgreSQL Global Development Group, Fujitsu Australia Software TechnologyOntotextSADAS s.r.l.SingleStore Inc.SQream Technologies
Aktuelle VersionFujitsu Enterprise Postgres 14, January 20229.8, Juni 20218.07.6, November 20212022.1.6, Dezember 2022
Lizenz infoCommercial or Open Sourcekommerziellkommerziell infoSome plugins of GraphDB Workbench are open sourcedkommerziell infofree trial version availablekommerziell infofree developer edition availablekommerziell
Ausschließlich ein Cloud-Service infoNur als Cloud-Service verfügbarneinneinneinneinnein
DBaaS Angebote (gesponserte Links) infoDatabase as a Service

Providers of DBaaS offerings, please contact us to be listed.
SingleStore Managed Service: The world's fastest, modern cloud database for both operational (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads. Available instantly with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud capabilities
ImplementierungsspracheCJavaC++C++, GoC++, CUDA, Haskell, Java, Scala
Server BetriebssystemeLinux
Alle Betriebssysteme mit einer Java VM
Linux info64 bit version requiredLinux
Datenschemajaschema-free and OWL/RDFS-schema support; RDF shapesjajaja
Typisierung infovordefinierte Datentypen, z.B. float oder datejajajajaja, ANSI Standard SQL Types
XML Unterstützung infoVerarbeitung von Daten in XML Format, beispielsweise Speicherung von XML-Strukturen und/oder Unterstützung von XPath, XQuery, XSLTneinneinnein
Sekundärindizesjayes, supports real-time synchronization and indexing in SOLR/Elastic search/Lucene and GeoSPARQL geometry data indexesjajanein
SQL infoSupport of SQLjastored SPARQL accessed as SQL using Apache Calcite through JDBC/ODBCjayes infobut no triggers and foreign keysja
APIs und andere ZugriffskonzepteADO.NET
native C library
streaming API for large objects
GraphQL Federation
Java API
Sail API
Sesame REST HTTP Protocol
Proprietäres Protokoll
Cluster Management API infoas HTTP Rest and CLI
Unterstützte Programmiersprachen.Net
JavaScript (Node.js)
JavaScript (Node.js)
JavaScript (Node.js)
JavaScript (Node.js)
Server-seitige Scripts infoStored Proceduresbenutzerdefinierte Funktionenwell-defined plugin interfaces; JavaScript server-side extensibilityneinjauser defined functions in Python
Partitionierungsmechanismen infoMethoden zum Speichern von unterschiedlichen Daten auf unterschiedlichen Knotenpartitioning by range, list and by hashkeinehorizontale PartitionierungSharding infohash partitioninghorizontal and vertical partitioning
Replikationsmechanismen infoMethoden zum redundanten Speichern von Daten auf mehreren KnotenSource-Replica ReplikationMulti-Source ReplikationkeineSource-Replica Replikation infostores two copies of each physical data partition on two separate nodeskeine
MapReduce infoBietet ein API für Map/Reduce Operationenneinneinneinnein infocan define user-defined aggregate functions for map-reduce-style calculationsnein
Konsistenzkonzept infoMethoden zur Sicherstellung der Konsistenz in einem verteilten SystemImmediate ConsistencyImmediate Consistency, Eventual consistency (configurable in cluster mode per master or individual client request)Immediate ConsistencyImmediate ConsistencyImmediate Consistency
Fremdschlüssel inforeferenzielle Integritätjaja infoConstraint checkingjaneinnein
Transaktionskonzept infoUnterstützung zur Sicherstellung der Datenintegrität bei nicht-atomaren DatenmanipulationenACIDACIDACIDACID
Concurrency infoUnterstützung von gleichzeitig ausgeführten Datenmanipulationenyes, multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)jajayes, multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)ja
Durability infoDauerhafte Speicherung der Datenjajajaja infoAll updates are persistent, including those to disk-based columnstores and memory-based row stores. Transaction commits are supported via write-ahead log.ja
In-Memory Unterstützung infoGibt es Möglichkeiten einige oder alle Strukturen nur im Hauptspeicher zu haltenja infomanaged by 'Learn by Usage'ja
Berechtigungskonzept infoZugriffskontrolleBenutzer mit feingranularem Berechtigungskonzept entsprechend SQL-StandardDefault Basic authentication through RDF4J client, or via Java when run with cURL, default token-based in the Workbench or via Rest API, optional access through OpenID or Kerberos single sign-on.Access rights for users, groups and roles according to SQL-standardFine grained access control via users, groups and roles
Weitere Informationen bereitgestellt vom Systemhersteller
Fujitsu Enterprise PostgresGraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIMSadas EngineSingleStore infoformer name was MemSQLSQream DB
Specific characteristics100% compatible with community PostgreSQL
» mehr
GraphDB Enterprise is a high-performance semantic repository created by Ontotext....
» mehr
SingleStore offers a fully-managed , distributed, highly-scalable SQL database designed...
» mehr
SQream allows companies to get answers from its data and get new business-insights...
» mehr
Competitive advantagesBuilt-in TDE and Data Masking security. In-Memory Columnar Index, and a high speed...
» mehr
GraphDB allows you to link text and data in big knowledge graphs. It’s easy to experiment...
» mehr
SingleStore’s competitive advantages include: Easy and Simplified Architecture with...
» mehr
Scalability when processing bigger datasets. Faster business insights, with more...
» mehr
Typical application scenariosTransactional payments applications, reporting and mixed workloads.
» mehr
Metadata enrichment and management, linked open data publishing, semantic inferencing...
» mehr
Driving Fast Analytics: SingleStore delivers the fastest and most scalable reporting...
» mehr
What can you do with 100x faster SQL analytics? Better and more timely decision-making,...
» mehr
Key customersBBC, Press Association, Financial Times, DK, Euromoney, The British Museum, Getty...
» mehr
IEX Cloud : Improves Financial Data Distribution Speed 15x with Singlestore DB Comcast,...
» mehr
Some of our customers include: LG-U+, AIS , ACL Mobile, Pubmatic, Telkomsel, LG Electronics
» mehr
Market metricsOver 30 years experience in database technology. Over 20 years in Postgres development...
» mehr
GraphDB is the most utilized semantic triplestore for mission-critical enterprise...
» mehr
Customers in various industries worldwide including US and International Industry...
» mehr
Licensing and pricing modelsCore based licensing
» mehr
GraphDB-Free is free to use. SE and Enterprise are licensed per CPU-Core used. Perpetual...
» mehr
F ree Tier and Enterprise Edition
» mehr

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Fujitsu Enterprise PostgresGraphDB infoUrsprünglicher Name: OWLIMSadas EngineSingleStore infoformer name was MemSQLSQream DB
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